2019 Grantees

Each grant is made possible by a network of thousands of donors giving what they can to support movements for justice.

Future Fund Grantees

The Future Fund supports organizations that are working on emerging issues or developing new approaches to social justice activism. These groups may employ one or more effective strategies, including cultural work, media advocacy, and political education. You can learn more about eligibility criteria and see past grantees.

cinéSPEAK engages diverse audiences through neighborhood-based film programming and discussions that center the stories of individuals and communities that are often underrepresented in mainstream cinema. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Comadre Luna cultivates safe spaces of collective care among immigrant Latinx women of mixed-status to awaken inner strengths and challenge systemic oppression that generates trauma in the body. Facebook

LifeLines: Voices Against the Other Death Penalty is a multimedia project conducted across prison walls to highlight the voices of people serving death by incarceration sentences. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Make the Road Pennsylvania is a grassroots organization primarily made up of immigrant and Latinx members that is organizing to hold the city accountable to enforcing recently passed labor laws. Website | Facebook | Twitter

MOVES shifts the culture towards a more just and inclusive city by creating and securing spaces and opportunities in which Black and Brown queer people build community, share resources, and thrive creatively. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

One Art Community Center is a sustainable and regenerative urban eco-arts village that nurtures community self-determination and self-sufficiency. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Philadelphia Drug Users’ Union is a group of people at different points on the spectrum of drug use working to maximize the proven ability of drug users to keep themselves and their communities healthy and safe. Facebook | Twitter

Philadelphia Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) is a worker-led, grassroots movement, independent of the Teamsters Union, that is adopting new strategies to win transformative change so that workers have a real voice. Website

Urban Tree Connection (UTC) is an organization located in West Philadelphia that is committed to transforming abandoned open spaces into safe and functional places that inspire and promote community self-determination. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Immigration Justice Fund Grantees

The Immigration Justice Fund makes grants to groups across the Philadelphia region that are organizing within immigrant and refugee communities to build power and make change. Learn more about eligibility criteria.

Agape African Senior Center, Inc. organizes elderly African immigrants and refugees to challenge laws, policies and practices that discriminate against their community. Website

Asian Americans United (AAU) is an Asian-led organization that builds community through social justice advocacy, leadership development, and reclaiming culture in immigrant communities. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Coalition of African Communities (AFRICOM) organizes African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee communities to build collective force, increase civic engagement, and increase participation in circles where decisions are made that affect their lives. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Comité de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agrícolas (CATA) is a migrant farmworker and low-wage immigrant worker-led organization that organizes for better working and living conditions in their communities. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Faith in New Jersey is a cross-faith, cross-race network of faith leaders and communities working to address the needs of immigrant families by mobilizing directly impacted community and faith leaders to respond to policies or activities that harm immigrant communities. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Juntos is a community-led organization comprised of Latinx immigrants in Philadelphia focused on expanding the concept of Sanctuary and expanding Community Resistance Zones. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania (MILPA) is a network of families across Pennsylvania fighting for the dignity and rights of every person. Their 2019 campaign focus is to expand access to state issued driver’s licenses. Website | Facebook

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (NSM) and Free Migration Project (FMP) are partner organizations that fight for immigrant rights and provide legal and strategic support to undocumented organizers. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance (PDWA) is an emerging worker-led organizing project fighting for justice, dignity, and power for house cleaners, nannies, and caregivers, the vast majority of whom are immigrant women. Website | Facebook

Popular Alliance for Undocumented Workers’ Rights (PAUWR) organizes undocumented restaurant workers in order to achieve fair immigration laws and policies, and to raise public awareness.

Puentes de Salud is an alternative healthcare provider advancing health justice for Philadelphia’s immigrant communities. Website | Facebook | Twitter

VietLEAD improves health, increases sovereignty, and develops Vietnamese and Southeast Asian leadership through intergenerational farming, youth leadership, health navigation, healing, policy advocacy, and civic engagement. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Opportunity Fund Grantees

Opportunity Fund grants are intended for special projects or emergencies that are not part of an organization’s ongoing work. These activities are frequently in response to rapidly emerging issues and might include: demonstrations and rallies, coalition activities, conferences/forums, outreach materials. These grants are offered monthly. You can learn about eligibility criteria here and see past grantees.

Asian Americans United (AAU) Website | Facebook | Twitter

Black and Brown Workers Cooperative Website | Facebook | Twitter

Camp Sojourner, Girls’ Leadership Camp Website | Facebook | Twitter

Caucus of Working Educators (WE) Website | Facebook | Twitter

Germantown Residents for Economic Alternatives Together (GREAT) Facebook

MOVES Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Philadelphia Drug Users’ Union Facebook

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Sappho and LaRoyce Foundation Website

St. Daniel’s Ray of Hope Community Development Corporation

The Womanist Working Collective Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

VietLEAD Website | Facebook | Twitter

Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) Website | Facebook | Twitter

Racial & Economic Justice Fund Grantees

The Racial & Economic Justice Fund supports groups that are engaged in direct-action community organizing in the Philadelphia region to promote racial and economic justice at the local, state, national, or international policy levels. You can learn about eligibility criteria and see past grantees.

ACT UP Philadelphia is a non-partisan, diverse group of individuals united in anger and committed to ending the AIDS crisis through direct action. They are organizing for housing and for safe consumption spaces for drug users in Philadelphia. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Amistad Law Project is a prison abolition legal organization comprised of attorneys, activists, and organizers. They provide legal services to incarcerated people and organize for policies that reflect their vision for community restorative justice. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Black and Brown Workers Cooperative fights for the social and economic liberation of Black and Brown workers. This grant supports an anti-gentrification campaign that organizes Black displaced residents to form strategies that resist gentrification. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania is a network of families across Pennsylvania fighting for the dignity and rights of every person. Their goal for 2019 is to have a public hearing about driver’s license legislation. Website | Facebook

Philadelphia Community Bail Fund is a grassroots community-led bail fund whose mission is to end cash bail and pretrial detention. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Project SAFE is organizing to ensure the health, safety, and survival of female Kensington residents engaged in the drug and sex work economies. Their members and participants have formed a collective for sex workers to share strategies and experiences and to realize common goals. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Soil Generation is a Black & Brown-led coalition of gardeners, farmers, and grassroots groups building power and relationships to regain collective control of land and food. Website | Facebook

Urban Creators is a North Philadelphia-based collaborative that uses food, art, celebration, and political education as tools to foster self-determination, resilience, and racial and economic justice in frontline communities. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

VietLEAD uses intergenerational farming, youth leadership, health navigation, healing, policy advocacy, and civic engagement to develop solutions to improve health, increase sovereignty, and develop Vietnamese and Southeast Asian leadership. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP) is a youth-led organization fighting to end the practice of trying and incarcerating young people as adults in Pennsylvania. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram