2019 Gender Justice Giving Project

Members of the 2019 Gender Justice Giving Project raised money from their family and friends to make $160,000 in grants to 16 grassroots groups that are mobilizing women, girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming people to make real change.

Like all Giving Projects at Bread & Roses, the 2019 Gender Justice Giving Project brought together a cross-class, cross-race, gender-diverse, intergenerational group of people who share a vision for social justice and want to apply their time, talent, and resources to supporting movements for social change.

Gender Justice Fund Grantees

African Family Health Organization
Black and Brown Workers Cooperative
Comadre Luna Collective
Educators for Consent Culture
Girls Rock Philly
Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance
Pennsylvania Student Power Network

People’s Paper Co-op
Philadelphia Community Bail Fund
Philly Thrive
Sappho and LaRoyce Foundation
Sisterly LOVE
The Womanist Working Collective
Women’s Community Revitalization Project
Women’s Medical Fund

Members of the 2019 Gender Justice Giving Project

Nico Betancourt
Marcus Borton
M Davis
Dwight Dunston
Paury Flowers
Toby Frazer

Tekara Gainey
Jeremy Gillam
Daniel Holtzman
Simmone Lewis
Rachel Merriman-Goldring
Christine Pappas

Aislinn Pentecost-Farren
Legna Rios
Kyle Stephan
Evockeea Wayenahan
Emma Wu
Thunder X

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