Giving Project

The Giving Project is an innovative model for building leadership and moving money for real change in the Philadelphia region. Each Giving Project brings together a cross-class, cross-race, intergenerational group of people who share a vision for social justice and want to apply their time, talent, and resources to supporting movements for social change.

Participants embark on a transformative 6-month process of shared learning and personal growth to gain a deeper understanding of race and racism, the impact of the growing wealth divide, and how to support community-based organizations mobilizing for racial and economic justice. They commit to making a financial contribution that is personally meaningful, with no minimum amount, and to raising money for their Giving Project from their friends and families. Participants also receive training and coaching to support their fundraising success.

Each Giving Project then guides participants through a transparent, democratic decision-making process for distributing the money they’ve raised as grants to community-based organizations.

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Who can participate in a Giving Project?

Anyone who cares about social justice can participate in a Giving Project. There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience.

How to join a Giving Project

Interested in joining an upcoming Giving Project? Please fill out the Giving Project Interest Form. We’ll be in touch with you after you submit your information.

Fill out the Giving Project Interest Form

Upcoming Giving Projects

2019 Racial & Economic Justice Fund and Future Fund Giving Project
2019 Special Issue Giving Project (issue to be determined)

Current Giving Projects

2018 Immigration Justice Giving Project

Past Giving Projects

Giving Projects beyond Philadelphia

Bread & Roses Community Fund is one of six movement funds around the country running Giving Projects to engage donors in funding movements for change:

Find out if there’s a Giving Project or social justice fund near you.