Spring 2017 Giving Project

The Spring 2017 Giving Project raised $266,000 for grants in the Racial & Economic Justice Fund and Future Fund. Read an interview with Giving Project member LaTrista Webb or read a blog post by member Erika Owens.

2017 Spring Giving Project group photo

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The Spring 2017 Giving Project members were:

Rachel Adler
Yahya Alazrak
Sarah Burgess
Mariel Cohn
Marian Dalke
Phil Fitzgerald
Jordan Ford
Curtiss Hannum

Libby Harmon
Mandy Katz
Whitney Lopez
Emmy Morse
Erika Owens
Stacey Padilla
Polly Pillen
Leah Pillsbury

Kevin Rodricks
Danitra Sherman
Kim Thomas
Peter Van Do
Christine Walden
LaTrista Webb
Dwayne Wharton
Nina Wong