Spring 2016 Giving Project

The Spring 2016 Giving Project was the inaugural Giving Project at Bread & Roses. They raised $189,000 for grants in the Racial & Economic Justice Fund and Future Fund. To learn more, read an article about the Fall 2016 Giving Project or read an interview with Giving Project member Elicia Gonzales.

Group photo of 2016 giving project members

You can make a donation to support current and future Giving Projects. Give now on our secure page.

The Spring 2016 Giving Project members were:

Cynthia Baldwin
Jules Burnstein
Alisha Ebling
J. Rudy Flesher
Lena Glickman
Benjamin Goldstein
Elicia Gonzales

Amanda Hagg
Jamaal Henderson
Becky Jones
Nick Ospa
Farrah Parkes
JoAnn Seaver
Michelle Simmons

Tabitha Skervin
Tyson Smith
Julia Stone
Bill Van Stone
Anna Weisberg
Giva Ann Wilkerson