New Sanctuary Movement is fighting for justice

Francisco came to the U.S. from Mexico, looking for better job opportunities for him and his family. “We suffered, it was hard for us. We made it through though, thanks to God.”

Seeking a community away from home, Francisco became a leader at New Sanctuary Movement, a Bread & Roses 1% Fund and Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee. “We’re like family. I met a lot of people through New Sanctuary Movement, and now we can count on each other for anything.”

Francisco has become a central part of New Sanctuary Movement’s campaign to stop the partnership between the Philadelphia Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allows immigrants to be deported without due process.

As someone who has faced the threat of deportation himself, Francisco does not want others to have to go through what he has. “We inform the community to act when there is an issue.”

Photo by: Harvey Finkle

Photo by: Harvey Finkle