Meet the Grantmakers: Fabricio Rodriguez

Fabricio Rodriguez’ organizing career began in New Mexico when he saw the injustices his father and fellow miners suffered fighting for their rights.

“If I do my work right and I can build institutions that are led by working people, they will always be there to set the priorities and drive towards a more just future,” Fabricio says.

Fabricio has been organizing in Philadelphia since the early 2000s. Formerly the executive director of Philadelphia Jobs with Justice, he played a pivotal role there co-founding the Philadelphia Security Officers Union, a current Bread & Roses grantee.

Fabricio has served as a member of Bread & Roses’ Community Grantmaking Committee since 2007.

“I thought it was very unique and very different for a foundation to go out of its way to nurture the grassroots, to help organizations rise to that level where they had a better shot of getting funded in the future,” he says.

Fabricio now works as the coordinator at the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Philadelphia (Philly ROC), which organizes around issues that restaurant workers face, including low wages and lack of sick time.

Recently Fabricio was selected to participate in the prestigious Windcall Residency program, which hosts retreats in Puget Sound for seasoned organizers.

“Their whole mission is to prevent burnout, which is common enough in the work that we do. And the thing is that we can’t afford to lose good people that have dedicated themselves to this work,” he says.

Fabricio Rodriguez. Photo by: Emily Randle

Fabricio Rodriguez. Photo by: Emily Randle