Meet our board members: Ellen Somekawa

As the executive director of Asian Americans United (AAU), I see first-hand the vital role that Bread & Roses plays in helping groups like ours survive and thrive.

AAU has always been an outspoken voice against injustice. We’ve also helped to find and nurture new and emerging leaders in the Asian community.

As a result, the victories have piled up. We established a school in Chinatown. We prevented a stadium and casinos from encroaching on our neighborhood. Dozens of students have grown into powerful community leaders who organize for real change. And of course, for every win, there have also been losses. We take them in stride because the true nature of organizing isn’t about winning or losing; it’s about giving voice to the powerless.

Bread & Roses has always supported our efforts, as well as those of hundreds more groups throughout the Delaware Valley. Let’s face it. There aren’t a lot of organizations that are willing to provide funding for activism and organizing. That’s why Bread & Roses is so important and why I’m so very proud to serve on the Board of Directors.

I know that many of the social change organizations in our area could not exist without the steady support they receive from Bread & Roses year after year. And if groups like Asian Americans United didn’t exist, the powerful few would run roughshod over the rest of us.

No other organization does more to nurture the continued growth of community organizing in the Philadelphia area than Bread & Roses. I couldn’t be prouder to serve on the Bread & Roses Board of Directors.

 Photo by: Joan May Cordova