Meet our board members: Arub Prabhakaran

For some people, being arrested and shackled to a metal bench might feel like a high price to pay for their beliefs. But for Arun Prabhakaran, it was a turning point that made his commitment to social justice even stronger. “I was chained to a bench… but I realized that by taking an act of civil disobedience and standing up for my values, I was freer than I’d ever been.”

Arun dedicates his time as a Bread & Roses Board member because few other funders are willing to stand behind controversial work that challenges the establishment as Bread & Roses has and continues to do. As a long time grassroots organizer and political activist, he understands first-hand how hard it is to come by funding for social change.

Arun was a Bread & Roses grantee when he worked with the Kensington Welfare Rights Union. That funding supported education projects on issues of gentrification and drugs, including the Drug War Reality Tour, which looked at the impact of the global drug war on Philadelphia’s poor. Today, Arun is with the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition as their Corporate and Foundation Manager.

For Arun, a commitment to advancing real freedom and liberty for all people is at the heart of his activism. His wisdom and thoughtfulness make Arun a valued member of the Bread & Roses Board and an incredible champion for “change, not charity.”

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