Letter From The Executive Director

Dear friends,
One of the things that makes Bread & Roses Community Fund unique is
that the grants we award are made possible by the generosity of thousands of people who pool their money together for real change.
Most of our grants at Bread & Roses are distributed by the Community Grantmaking Committee (CGC), a volunteer group of community organizers, activists, and leaders who identify the most effective grassroots organizing for racial and economic justice in our region. The CGC is in the midst of a grant cycle now, and is meeting with grant applicants throughout April and May.
In addition to the grants that the CGC awards, unique partnerships with other foundations help funnel even more support into local movements for social change.
A new grantmaking partnership was initiated this past winter with a $40,000 gift from the Saba Chai Five Foundation to support the Latino-led and Latino-serving organizations you read about in the cover story of this newsletter. I am hoping that more foundations—especially other family foundations—will partner with Bread & Roses, recognizing our unique ability to fund the grassroots organizations that are doing the most important and effective work in our region.

The Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative is the result of a partnership that launched 13 years ago, when the trustees of a small family foundation asked Bread & Roses for help with their grantmaking. They
wanted to support an issue area that was neglected. Together, the Phoebus Fund and Bread & Roses chose to support criminal justice reform efforts. Today, the Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative enables
trustees of the Phoebus Fund to work in partnership with Bread & Roses and community organizers to award grants to groups working to create real change in our criminal justice system.
But the most important partnership of all at Bread & Roses is the one that exists between the thousands of people building a movement for
social change in our region. Whatever your role is—donor, mentor, organizer, activist—the fact is, real change will come from all of us working together. Thank you so much for helping to make that happen.
Casey Cook,
executive director