Letter from the executive director

Dear Friend,

I’ve never been more proud to call myself a community organizer. Not only because our nation has now elected its first Organizer-In-Chief, but also because last year’s election got millions of people to wake up and understand their own power for making change.

That fundamental belief in everyday people having the power to shape their community— its laws, its values and its priorities—is what Bread & Roses Community Fund has been about for more than 30 years.

You’ll see that our cover story in this newsletter is about community organizing. But really, every Bread & Roses story is about community organizing, because the power of constituent-led movements is the common thread that runs through everything we do.

I am incredibly proud of our work in the movement here in the Delaware Valley to build a more just and more equitable world. Every day, Bread & Roses grantees are taking important steps forward toward ending poverty, fighting racism and stopping violence and war.

Now we must harness our nation’s renewed excitement about grassroots power… because change begins right here at home. You know that and I know that… let’s make sure all of our neighbors, friends and co-workers know it too.

Yours in solidarity,

Casey Cook

Executive Director