Letter from the executive director

As this year comes to a close, I find myself thinking about how grateful I am for the many blessings I have in my life: a loving family, great friends, a strong social justice community and the kind of work that makes me want to get up in the morning.

That my job is one I am passionate about and that brings me in contact with amazing people like you from all over the Delaware Valley is something I am especially thankful for.

I want everyone in the Delaware Valley to have it this good. I’m sure you do too. But it hasn’t been an easy year.

The economy, bitter partisan politics, budget cuts, and more have made it seem like real change is out of reach —especially in communities that were already struggling before the recession began. So if you need a dose of inspiration, look no further than this newsletter and the list of our 2010 grantees.

The groups that Bread & Roses supports — with the help of a network of almost 2,000 donors —are delivering real wins for the communities most affected by poverty, racism, and injustice.

From new grantees like FORC, which is empowering urban farmers, to groups like the Taxi Worker ’s Alliance, which is expanding its mission to include advocacy for passengers with disabilities, our grantees cover the progressive map in the Delaware Valley.

You might not recognize every group on the list of grantees this year. That’s because our Community Grantmaking Committee, who decide which groups should get funded, likes to take risks.

Their support of new and emerging organizing has paid off in the past. Groups like Media Mobilizing project, New Sanctuary Movement and Public School Notebook all got their first grants from Bread & Roses. Today each of these groups, and many more over the years, have become real power houses, delivering change beyond any of our wildest dreams.

There is real promise among the 2010 grantees. And it ’s all possible because you— and all of the people who dream of a better Delaware Valley — care so much, which is something else I’ m grateful for.

Yours truly,