Letter From the Executive Director

Dear friends,

It’s time to do more. Based on input from hundreds of stakeholders throughout the region, Bread & Roses’ board of directors is preparing to implement recommendations for transforming the organization. These recommendations will put Bread & Roses in a strong position to help create a better and more just future for everyone in the Delaware Valley.

The recommendations expand on the critical role Bread & Roses has played in making change. In over 35 years, more than $10 million in grants have been made to groups working for peace, justice, and equality—often to organizations and issues that other funders wouldn’t support.

And according to the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, every $1 invested in community organizing in Pennsylvania returns over $122 within the state.

With your help, Bread & Roses is growing. The recommendations for change you’ve helped create will enable Bread & Roses to build on our strengths and do more.

But these changes require your support.

As a foundation that raises all of its money from individual donors each year, we can’t make the plans for change a reality without you. Times are tough, but if you have never given to Bread & Roses before, a first-time gift—no matter its size—will really make a difference now. And if you are already a Bread & Roses donor, please consider increasing your support.

With new clarity, new resources, and a growing base of support, we have a real shot at creating greater change in the fight for social justice in our region.


Casey Cook,

executive direct