Letter From The Executive Director

Dear friend, Last year, Bread & Roses Community Fund embarked on a visioning process for the organization. With the help of a dedicated committee and input from hundreds of donors and organizers like you, Bread & Roses has been able to renew and refine its role as a foundation for change.

Throughout this newsletter you’ll find examples of how Bread & Roses is already growing. We’re doing more to reach out to young people and people of color. We’re strengthening relationships with organized labor. And we’re breaking down the issue silos that sometimes put changemakers in isolation from one another.

Most importantly, we’re spending more time connecting donors to the work of the organizations. Bread & Roses supports and figuring out how to raise more money to make them stronger.

The future of Bread & Roses relies on inviting more people around the city and region—especially younger people — to support community organizing for real change.

Many Bread & Roses donors already tell me that they wish they could get their friends, family, neighbors and especially their children more involved in our collective effort to support social justice in the Delaware Valley. Our road map to change, which you will read about in this newsletter, will create ways to help you do just that.

With more people giving to support a movement for change, Bread & Roses will be able to implement the changes you asked for like bigger grants; a fellowship program for organizers; and strategic trainings for grantees.

And before too long, with your help, there will be a bounty of resources for people who are working to make social justice a reality in our region.

Casey Cook
executive director