Letter From the Executive Director

Dear friends,

Much has changed since the 1970s, when Bread & Roses Community Fund was founded, but no one would argue that inequality persists.

We need new tactics to build grassroots power. And basic support for change makers is more important than ever, with foundations and individuals giving away less money than they used to.

So, how can all of us who believe in Bread & Roses work together to maximize our impact?

To answer that question and engage a new generation of donors to create change and help build community, the board of directors started a visioning process in 2011.

The recommendations for change that emerged from this process include:

  • positioning Bread & Roses as the fundraising vehicle for a grassroots movement for change by organizing more people to give
  • offering larger grants to sustain community organizing
  • providing strategic support for emerging grassroots groups, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and community organizing tactics
  • fostering coalition building to strengthen movements

I am excited to announce that the board of directors voted in July to endorse all of these recommendations for change.

These new priorities will enable Bread & Roses to continue to support grassroots organizing by better serving people interested in pooling their resources for real change today.

But to make this bold vision a reality, Bread & Roses is going to have to raise much more money. It’s time for those who believe that change is possible to give more—time and money—to make it happen.

As we develop a roadmap for this change process in the coming months, look out for more opportunities to get involved and provide your input. Together we have the power to make a real difference in our region.

Yours truly,
Casey Cook
executive director