Letter from the executive director

Dear friends,

Can we build a strong movement for change in Philadelphia and the region?

Bread & Roses’ grantees are trying-from the amazing campaign to make earned sick days a right for all workers to the students organizing to save Philadelphia ‘s public schools.

The victories of Bread & Roses grantees and so many others who are organizing for social change are significant. But are they enough? And can Bread & Roses do more?

To answer this question, a Bread & Roses committee of donors, grantees, and Community Grantmaking Committee members was formed to rethink the organization and make recommendations on how to change it.

Based on conversations with key stakeholders as well input from our town hall meeting in April, which was attended by over 150 people, the Change Committee’s initial recommendations are that Bread & Roses:

  • make more and larger grants to have a bolder strategic impact
  • offer strategic technical assistance
  • build coalitions to win on important issues
  • offer more opportunities for supporters to take online action

In order to achieve any of these goals, together we are going to have to raise more money each year.

In the insert to this newsletter, you ‘ll find a more detailed description of the committee’s ideas to reinvigorate and reinvent Bread & Roses. I’d love it if you could take a look and send me your feedback at plan@ breadrosesfund.org or give me a call at (215) 731-110 x.203.

We’ve been soliciting feedback all summer through conversations, focus groups, and another town hall on September 22. After as many Bread & Roses supporters as possible have weighed in, a formal plan for change will be endorsed by the board and implemented over the course of the next year.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of a movement for change in the Delaware Valley. And with your help, the community of Bread & Roses supporters that you and I both belong to can be at the center of it.

Casey Cook,
executive director