Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends,

The lawn signs are gone. The stream of p olitical emails is at a trickle. There’s less chatter on the political blogs. The national conversation we have every four years is just about over.

So, now what?

We move forward. There is plenty of work to do t o make real change, and elected officials aren’t going to do it on their own. In truth, many people in power aren’t going to do anything we don’t ask them to do.

That’s why the grassroots organizations that Bread & Roses donors like you support each year are so important.

Who but students and parents are going to lead the charge for good public education in our city? Who but immigrants are most likely to speak out against the unjust threat of deportation? Who but the unemployed and underemployed are going to demand that good jobs be created?

They can’t do it without you. And I am hoping that you can do your part before the end of this year by making a gift in an amount that feels significant to you.

What does your gift do? First and foremost, it supports cash grants to grassroots organizations that make real change.

Your gift to Bread & Roses fosters coalition building. It also provides strategic support for emerging grassroots groups, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and building skills for community organizers.

Change, not charity, is the best way forward. T hat’s why—with your help—Bread & Roses supports community organizations that fight for better schools, more jobs, fewer prisons, and better access to health care.

I hope you renew your support or join the community of Bread & Roses donors this year, by making a gift online at www.breadrosesfund.org or using the enclosed envelope. And if you haven’t made a gift before, now is the perfect time!

On the heels of a close election, it’s important to remember that the real change we all want to see depends on strong community organizing. And no organization is better at finding and supporting changemakers than Bread & Roses.

Happy New Year!