Letter from the executive director

Dear friends,

The word “radical” makes most people think of people or ideas on the margins, far away from the mainstream. But “radical” is also defined as coming from the root or origin, going to the source, being rooted.

Lately I’ve reflected a lot on what it means to be rooted — in our values, in our communities, and in ourselves. We commemorated the 40th anniversary of Bread & Roses this year by gathering generations of organizers at the Tribute to Change, where we recognized the importance of mentorship in building movements. Thanks to storyteller Susan Klein’s graceful narrative, we looked back on where we came from and remembered the thousands of steps we’ve taken toward creating the world we want to see.

This year in particular, movements for change have proliferated and gained power as more people are driven to join us in taking action against hatred. We welcome these newcomers. We believe that collective action will win real change. We know that each of you has a role in delivering the racial and economic justice we all deserve. We believe that collective action will win real change.

Our movements need money, and we’re the ones who must fund them. If you are rooted in equity, if you are rooted in justice, if you are rooted in solidarity: please make a generous year-end gift to Bread & Roses. I thank you deeply for your enduring, radical support.


Casey Cook
Executive director