Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends,

As we enter the fall, our hard-working planning committee and staff are busy preparing for the annual Tribute to Change, which will take place Nov. 14. Bread & Roses is celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2017, and this year’s Tribute to Change highlights 40 years of resistance at Bread & Roses by honoring four leaders who have dedicated their careers to nurturing new leaders. I hope you’re planning to be there for it. In a year like this, we need to carve out moments to encourage each other and look back on how far we’ve come together.

I’ve seen so many people step up their organizing this year, and I want to acknowledge how many of you have come forward to redouble your commitment to Bread & Roses. Elisabeth Bass, profiled below, is one of 34 people volunteering her time to plan and champion the Tribute to Change. I’ve always appreciated that Bread & Roses is held up and sustained by a deeply rooted community of changemakers. Thank you for being part of our family.

Finally, some great news: I’m delighted to announce that our programs and staff are growing. Bread & Roses is expanding the Giving Project to move more money to grassroots organizing, and we’ve hired Nigel Charles as project manager to support that effort. You can read about Nigel on the opposite page, and you’ll have opportunities to meet him over the next few months. It’s exciting to know that Nigel will help us grow the Giving Project and move more money to movements for change!


Casey Cook
Executive director