Equitable Public Space Fund

Equitable Public Space Fund

The Equitable Public Space Fund will award 2-year grants of $10,000 to $25,000 per year to groups that use community organizing to promote equitable public space in Philadelphia and Camden. For groups applying to this fund, equitable public space must be central to their vision, to their understanding of the issues they seek to address, and to their strategy for social change.

Public spaces come in many forms, including parks, libraries, recreation centers, greenways, waterways, community gardens, community centers, plazas and play areas. For this fund, organizing that focuses on streets and sidewalks will not be considered unless those areas are adjacent to one of the above spaces.

The Equitable Public Space Fund will make grants to organizing around public spaces that are not primarily profit-seeking and that are accessible to the public without paying admission, using a key, or gaining special permission (at least during posted hours). 

The Equitable Public Space Fund is a special fund at Bread & Roses Community Fund made possible through a partnership with the William Penn Foundation. Check out a list of previously funded Bread & Roses grantees that are organizing for equitable public space.

Does my group qualify for an Equitable Public Space Fund grant?

To be eligible for the Equitable Public Space Fund, organizations must:

  • Meet all eligibility criteria
  • Be located in the cities of Philadelphia or Camden
  • Have at least 50% of their leaders identify as working class/low income/poor
  • Be using community organizing to create, remove barriers, and expand access to public spaces

What is the award size from the Equitable Public Space Fund?

The Equitable Public Space Fund makes 2-year grants of $10,000 to $25,000 per year.


The deadline for this fund has passed.

How do I support the Equitable Public Space Fund? 

Support this fund by making a donation now.