Donor Advised Funds

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About the Donor-Advised Fund Program

The Donor-Advised Fund Program allows individuals, groups, and families to establish funds in order to distribute grants to organizations and issues of their choice.

Contact our development team at to learn more about the Donor-Advised Fund Program at Bread & Roses and whether it might be a good fit for your giving plans.

Donor advised funds at Bread & Roses

Abierto Media Fund

The Abierto Media Fund is a grassroots effort led by independent filmmakers, cultural workers, and organizations across Pennsylvania to nurture the creation of socially conscious, historical, and innovative work. Each award recipient will receive mentoring on next steps towards project completion and distribution. We acknowledge the particular need to fund work by women, people of color, and people with disabilities as well as work of a progressive nature. This fund is a way to provide access to capital for people locked out of the traditional funding process. This fund is accepting donations.

End AIDS in Ghana Fund

The End AIDS in Ghana Fund was established in 2015 to allow Philadelphia AIDS activists and healthcare workers to send needed dollars to stem the AIDS crisis in Ghana. The fund makes periodic grants to The Ghana AIDS Commission which is the highest policy making body on AIDS and HIV in Ghana.

EPIP Giving Circle

The EPIP Giving Circle is a donor-advised fund created by Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP). EPIP is a national network of professionals in the philanthropic, nonprofit and social entrepreneurship sectors committed to changing disparities across communities. The giving circle’s mission is to crowdsource a small but effective grant that is intended to give an identified community-based initiative the financial resource it needs to be launched, completed, or sustained.

One Percent Fund

The One Percent Fund was created in 2006 by a group of dedicated activists who recognized that they would have a greater impact on sustainable political change by pooling their contributions to make targeted grants. Members of the group have made the commitment to donate 1% of their income annually.

Resources for Racial Justice in Philly and Ferguson Initiative

2014 to 2017

Resources for Racial Justice in Philly and Ferguson was a partnership between Bread & Roses Community Fund and the Philadelphia Chapter of Resource Generation. The fund was established to respond to police violence that occurred in Ferguson, MO in the summer of 2014. Recognizing that police violence also occurs in Philadelphia and with a shared belief that community organizing led by those most affected is a necessary and powerful tool to dismantle the systemic racism at the heart of police violence, Resources for Racial Justice in Philly and Ferguson made a three year commitment to raise and distribute funds to the Organization for Black Struggle in Missouri and to the Racial & Economic Justice Fund here in Philadelphia. The fund moved $92,000 to movements for change.