Grants In Action

 Racial & Economic Justice Fund
grantee Earth Quaker Action
Team holding a “Runaround and Walkathon” outside PECO
headquarters in October to demand new green. Photo by: Chris Baker Evens

Erick Perez, an organizer with Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee Juntos, received the Youth Leader of the Year Award from Pennsylvania immigrant leaders and allies at the Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition 2016 celebration in October.

Also in October, the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project, a Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee, created a new working group in partnership with the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office to address reentry for people sentenced as juveniles to life without parole.

In November, a delegation of 21 organizers and advocates representing Southeast Asian, Latino, and Black immigrant communities across the country traveled to Cambodia to stand in solidarity with the Khmer-American deportee community in the movement for human rights and the #Right2Return. Juntos and Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee 1Love Movement were part of the delegation, which aims to work with 1Love Cambodia and the deportee community to build a global movement for family unity and human rights across borders.