Join the Resources for Racial Justice in Philly and Ferguson Initiative

Banner for the initiative featuring photos of activists in Ferguson and in Philadelphia.

Bread & Roses Community Fund is partnering with Resource Generation Philadelphia Chapter to commit resources to racial justice organizing in Ferguson, Missouri and in Philadelphia.

Please read Resource Generation Philadelphia Chapter’s invitation to join the Resources for Racial Justice in Philly and Ferguson Initiative:

Dear Philadelphia social justice community,

We invite you to join us in our commitment to give in response to unfolding events in Ferguson. Collectively, we have committed to giving $15,000 each year for three years, half to organizing work in Missouri and half to organizing work in Philadelphia. We hope others will join us with commitments at any level in this fight for racial and economic justice.

Events in Ferguson this summer touched a national nerve. While we are sad and angry, we are not surprised. We know that the institutionalized racism seen in Mike Brown’s killing is pervasive across the country; we especially know it’s pervasive in Philadelphia. What happens in Ferguson and Philadelphia is at the intersection of race and class and did not develop overnight. It is born out of generations of oppression and the gutting of resources from Black communities.

We also know that powerful organizing will lead us toward racial and economic justice: one-on-one conversations in the streets, political education over pizza, and events and rallies that bring communities together. And we know that people and organizations in Philly and Ferguson are doing the daily, slow, and steady work of forming relationships, developing leaders, building collective power, envisioning a more just society, and struggling toward transformation.

Finally, we know that racial and economic justice organizing is a long-haul project. We know that it will take a commitment that continues long after Ferguson is out of the headlines, long after its immediacy is not animating our urgency.

So what if now we take this opportunity to make a powerful impact together? Resource Generation Philadelphia members are acting and giving together because the events in Ferguson are connected to our support for the struggle for quality education and safe environments for youth of color in Philadelphia. Collectively, we are giving $15,000 each year for the next three years. Please join us, to see a contribution in Ferguson’s aftermath as intersecting with your own vision and commitment to social justice.

Giving together, we’ll give more; we’ll feel the power of collective action; we’ll fuel the work of others; and we’ll renew our own commitment to the struggle for racial and economic justice.

In Missouri, we will support the work of the Organization for Black Struggle (OBS), a national organization working to build political empowerment and economic justice in African-American communities, especially in Ferguson.

In Philadelphia, we will support Bread & Roses’ Racial & Economic Justice Fund, which funds groups engaged in direct-action community organizing to promote racial and economic justice in the Philadelphia region.

To participate, please make a gift below in an amount that is significant to you. Half of your contribution will be sent to the Organization for Black Struggle in Missouri, and the other half will go into the Racial & Economic Justice Fund at Bread and Roses. With our giving, we show that we believe organizing leads us toward a just society. We show that we believe in the inspiring work already being done for racial and economic justice, and that we are here in solidarity and action to support this work for the long haul.

— Members of Resource Generation, Philadelphia Chapter

Join the giving pledge by making a gift now: