Fall 2017 Giving Project

20 people pose on a rooftop in Philadelphia

Within the current political climate, attacks on Black communities are intensifying and organizers are responding with strength and power. To respond to this reality, the Fall 2017 Giving Project raised money and made grants to support Black-led, Black-centered organizing in our region through the Black-led, Black-centered Organizing Fund.

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The Fall 2017 Giving Project members were:

Denise Beek
Molly Fischer
Carly Friedman
Edurne Irizarry
Laura Johnson
Jennifer Jordan
Seneca Joyner
Beckett Koretz
Duong Ly
Jordyn Myers
Karen Orrick
Samantha Pearson
Kaye Pyle
Muthi Reed
Samantha Stone-Burton
Katherine Walden
Terry Williams
Julie Zeglen