Donor Spotlight: Steve & Barbra Gold

Unwavering Commitment

Supporters since: 1977

Occupation: Disability Rights Attorney & Physician

Why We Give: “We’ve always asked ourselves, ‘Do we want to live in a country that is more in line with our values?’ If we do, that’s something we have to make an investment in.”

For Steve and Barbara Gold, supporting Bread & Roses has always been a political act.

Steve was one of the founders of the People’s Fund, Bread & Roses’ predecessor. Even in those early days, spurring social change was his passion. Steve was frustrated that traditional funding sources like the United Way weren’t willing to support groups that were agitating for social change.

Barbara and Steve believe that changing the system is the only way to really change our community and our world. Even when their assets were significantly hit by the stock market last year, they made a deliberate decision that they would not cut back their giving. “We realized what would happen if everyone starts cutting back. And we want to be sure the few groups we care about most stay strong. Bread & Roses was at the top of our list.”

Bread & Roses is grateful to the Golds for their strong commitment to Bread & Roses and to the grantees that are out in our community fighting for change every day.

Photo by: Connie Delmuth