Donor Spotlight: E. Mitchell Swan

Supporter since: 1988

Occupation: Mechanical engineer, owner of MDC systems

I see Bread & Roses Community Fund helping people pull together in a grassroots way to make their government more responsive and their communities better—that’s something I want to support.

I give to Bread & Roses because in doing so, I can contribute to the work of many causes and organizations in my community. Bread & Roses knows where to best put our combined resources, and that’s something I don’t have time to research on my own.

I’m a business owner, and I see my contributions as my responsibility to the community where I live and work— helping to build the kind of society I want to live in. I believe we need to make sure there are some rungs on the ladder if we expect people to climb up. The organizations Bread & Roses supports are the ones putting those rungs in the ladder for the little guy who doesn’t always have sufficient resources of his own to do battle.

As someone who’s given to Bread & Roses for a long time, I know my accumulated donations have made a difference. And now that I’m in a place where I am able to give more, I do. They’ve earned my trust.