Donor Spotlight: Amy Laura Cahn

Photo by: Nitali Costa

Photo by: Nitali Costa

Donor Since: 2004

Occupation: Amy Laura is a Penn Law graduate and attorney who lives in West Philadelphia with her partner. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, Amy Laura lived in Providence and New Orleans, where she worked as a theatrical lighting designer , and in New York, where she helped co-found Bluestockings Women’s Bookstore.

Why I Give: I support Bread & Roses Community Fund because it supports grassroots organizing. This is critical to me because so little funding goes to organizing and community-led initiatives.

I give to Bread & Roses because I want to support change that comes from community members who are most impacted, whether it be the people with HIV/AIDS who lead ACT UP or the Art Museum guards who belong to Philadelphia Security Officer’s Union. I believe the grant-making is done with integrity and based on a set of values that I share.

I discovered Bread & Roses through my work with Resource Generation, which works with young people with financial wealth who are supporting and challenging each other to effect progressive social change. I became a donor to Bread & Roses at 31, having just moved to Philadelphia.

When I arrived in town, I had a chance to build relationships with staff, board members, and grantees and to see Bread & Roses in action. Bread & Roses is a place that gathers both donors and grantees in the room together and, I hope, wants both engaged together in conversations about strategy.

Community organizing for social and economic justice is as important now as it was when Bread & Roses was founded. But some of the tactics to achieve justice have changed. And new issues have emerged—like environmental and food justice—that require support.

That’s why I plan to keep supporting Bread & Roses. I want to help get more young people like me involved in conversations about bringing Bread & Roses in to the future.