Donor profile: Jeri Nutter

Occupation: Manager of finance and human resources at Research for Action (

Why I give: I believe that there is still a very long road ahead as far as “real change” and I feel this way even as I am aware of all the incredible work tlJat is done by the groups that are funded by Bread & Roses.

Jeri Nutter is a native of Philadelphia who currently lives in the Cobbs Creek section of West Philadelphia. Jeri is the manager of finance and human resources at  Research for Action, a local nonprofit that seeks to use research as the basis for improving educational opportunities and outcomes for traditionally underserved students.

Jeri served on the Community Funding Board (CFB) from 1997 to 2000. Says Jeri, “I became aware of Bread & Roses and the CFB while I was volunteering with a local social justice organization. I was excited to be recruited for the CFB. There were so many opportunities to meet the folks on the front lines.”

Jeri has also served as a board member for Bread & Roses as well as the Funding Exchange, the national network of social justice community funds of which Bread & Roses is a founding member.

Asked why she is so committed to Bread & Roses, Jeri refers back to her experience with the Community Funding Board: “I got the opportunity to meet local activists and organizers and hear about their goals, triumphs, and challenges. And it gave me a deeper understanding of the need to contribute to Bread & Roses regularly.”

Jeri has given thousands of dollars to Bread & Roses since 1997-enough to fund eight years’ worth of ACT UP rally expenses, two years’ worth of rent for the Southeastern PA First Suburbs project, and 20 years’ worth of snacks for Youth United for Change chapter meetings.

By consistently giving $50, $100 or $250 checks to Bread & Roses a couple of times a year, she has helped sustain countless grassroots organizations working to make concrete change in the lives of our neighbors and friends in the Delaware Valley. Jeri has helped to make a real difference.

 Jeri (fight) and her partner Patrell Hancock.