Donor Profile – Harvey Finkle

Harvey Finkle

Photo credit: Jim Conroy

Why he gives: “We need to give what little bucks we have to those people on the ground who are out there every day bringing about change.”

Harvey Finkle was one of the first-ever donors to Bread & Roses back in 1970, when it was a new project he was organizing as part of a group called People for Human Rights. According to Finkle, the group decided to raise money to fund organizing for change, not charity, in the Philadelphia region and beyond. Everyone donated their own money and raised money from others to grow the pot for grants to grassroots organizations such as the Black Panthers, the Young Lords, and the Kensington Welfare Rights Union. “Bread & Roses has always been unique because it is the only place that funds social change,” Finkle says. “That’s our mission.”

Finkle is a documentary photographer who has captured thousands of moments from our movements for change throughout his career. Bread & Roses honored Finkle’s achievements at the 2009 Tribute to Change.

“I’m proud of being involved in starting Bread & Roses,” Finkle says. “What it’s grown into is amazing. I feel enriched, and I think we enriched the progressive community. Forty years later, we’re still here and we’re still raising money, and that’s phenomenal.”