Building a new foundation for change

For 35 years you have been able to count on Bread & Roses Community Fund to support small but powerful organizations working for change.

To keep up with the challenges and opportunities faced by a new generation of community organizers, a committee of donors, grantees, board members, and Community Grantmaking Committee members has come up with an exciting plan.

Their recommendations for change include strengthening things Bread & Roses has always done well, like providing grants to small organizations. They also include bold new ideas like:

  • providing larger grants to a handful of organizations
  • offering fellowships to new organizers
  • helping build more coalitions across issue areas
  • increasing grassroots support for Bread & Roses by creating a monthly donation program and engaging more donors

With these changes in place, you’ll be able to rely on Bread & Roses to help build a new Philadelphia and region.

Here’s what supporters like you have had to say about the Change Committee’s recommendations:

Steve Gold (civil rights attorney): It’s time for young people to lead. I plan to give and to give as much I can but want to relinquish some control so that new ideas and tactics can emerge.

Evonne Tisdale (SE regional team leader, Center for Community Change): Bread & Roses can help lay the groundwork towards a movement for real change by developing and helping to build strong local leadership.

Jennifer Kates (legislative assistant, Office of Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez): I strongly support the creation of a fundraising plan and dedicated staff for development.

Michael Lazenka (technical director, University of Pennsylvania): I recently decided to increase my annual contribution by 50%. To grow I think it’s critical that Bread & Roses promote itself as an agent for change in the region and leverage that increased publicity into increasing the number of individuals who donate regularly.

Pedro Rodriguez (commissioner, Civil Service Commission): There is a tremendous need for more analytical convergence of social change groups in Philadelphia. We have great groups doing great work but there is no single agenda.

Craig Robbins (executive director, Action United): I think Bread & Roses’ “small is beautiful” model of funding is important. But I support the idea of larger grants because a certain level of size and skill are necessary for community organizing to make a difference.

Felice Perlmutter (professor emeritus, Temple University): I like the idea of convening groups to work together more effectively in coalition.

Marcus Presley (community organizer, Women’s Community Revitalization Project) : I’m excited about placing an emphasis on creating more opportunities for grantees to work together on larger campaigns that can have a bigger impact.

Nico Amador (director, Training for Change): It is potentially a challenge to raise the money needed to sustain this plan. I hope that it is approached slowly and realistically. Bread & Roses should maintain some flexibility to give grants to emerging campaigns or campaigns that have a lower profile.

Andi Perez (executive director, Youth United for Change): I think convening is a really good idea on issues where there isn’t enough direction or leadership. Youth organizing could really use more support from the larger community.