Letter From the Executive Director

Dear friends,

It’s official: Our first Giving Project was a huge success. You can hear about it directly from participants in our cover story, and Elicia Gonzales talks more in depth about her experience in the profile below. It’s now clear that Giving Projects are not only a deeply meaningful experience for members and for donors, but also a highly effective way to move more money to movements for real change.

Moving money to grassroots movements for racial and economic justice feels so urgent right now, as the list of Black people murdered by police officers who are never indicted grows tragically longer. When justice is not delivered, we must come together to demand — and fund — it. This is what the Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice is doing, as you’ll read in the grantee profile on the opposite page. Their organizing rises from the deep pain and anger of this present moment to map out a path toward racial equity for future generations.

Finally, I’m excited to share that we are in the final stages of hiring a director of development. You can look forward to meeting this new member of our staff in the coming months. Together, we’ll be able to move even more money to grassroots groups organizing for racial and economic justice and make real change happen here in the Philadelphia region.


In solidarity,

Casey Cook,

executive director