Grants In Action

Women graduating from the Why Not Prosper program in December 2015

Women graduating from the Why Not Prosper program in December 2015

Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia launched Sanctuary in the Streets, an emergency hotline that families can call during immigration raids to immediately mobilize teams of people from throughout the city to stand in solidarity, film the raid, and hold prayer vigils. The hotline number is 267-333-9530.

On June 2, members of the Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities, a Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee, filled the room at the City Council finance committee hearing to demand affordable and accessible housing for Philadelphia’s long-term residents and renters.

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee Pennsylvania Innocence Project won exoneration for Crystal Weimar, who spent 10 years in prison due to misleading forensic evidence, perjured testimony, and official misconduct.

After eight months of pressure and negotiation with Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee Put People First! PA, on July 27 the Pennsylvania Insurance Department held its first public hearing on proposed rate increases for individual and small-employer health insurance plans. The meeting included dozens of Philadelphia residents who testified about the burden rate hikes would present for their families.

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee Why Not Prosper celebrated 15 years of organizing and advocating for formerly incarcerated women and their families by holding an anniversary gala in August.