Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends,

Our last newsletter featured a cover story on the launch of our Giving Project. It’s a cross-class, cross-race, intergenerational team of 20 people training together to fundraise and move money to grassroots movements for racial and economic justice.

I am thrilled to report that the Giving Project is going very well so far! The participants range in age from 23 to 80. In February the group completed an intensive training exploring race and class in the U.S. In March they each decided how much they were going to personally give, and in early April they completed a fundraising skills training.

The group is doing profound, emotional work. Each participant has gained an understanding of how experiences with race and class affect our relationships to money. They have been telling me that the Giving Project has been providing a safe space for them to explore these personal and political topics. Perhaps most importantly, in each meeting the participants have deepened their sense of trust and community with each other.

I’m convinced that models like the Giving Project are the future of social justice philanthropy. This is a pilot program at Bread & Roses, but it feels surprisingly familiar. The Giving Project combines political education, donor organizing, and transparent and democratic grantmaking — all practices woven into the fabric of our organization. Personally, I have been incredibly energized by the Giving Project. I can’t wait to open it up for more people to participate in it!


Casey Cook
executive director