2015 Grantees

Every Bread & Roses Community Fund grant is made possible by a network of thousands of donors from throughout the Philadelphia region.

Racial & Economic Justice Fund

The Racial & Economic Justice Fund supports groups that are engaged in direct-action community organizing in the Philadelphia region to promote racial and economic justice at the local, state, national, or international policy levels.

15 Now Philly is the local chapter of the national movement to fight for a $15-per-hour living wage. Inspired by the first win of a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, 15 Now Philly is committed to fighting for income equality beyond the $15 minimum wage. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Photo of ACT UP protest.

Photo credit: ACT UP.

ACT UP Philadelphia uses direct action to work toward an end to the AIDS crisis. They are mobilizing to secure housing for chronically ill people who are homeless and also working to ensure that emergency first responders are trained in harm reduction practices. | Website | Facebook

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces advocates for safe, clean neighborhoods in order to reduce illness and disabilities and promote clean, sustainable cities. They are taking direct action against companies that pollute urban waterways.

Two members of New Sanctuary Movement.

Photo credit: Harvey Finkle.

New Sanctuary Movement is building a community across faiths, ethnicities, and classes to end injustices against immigrants. They are fighting for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants by bringing the issue before the House Transportation Committee and conducting public workshops. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities formed after the Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land successfully created a land bank in Philadelphia. Their Development Without Displacement campaign aims to utilize this newly available land for affordable housing. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Photo from Student Labor Action Project protest with light blue balloons, a large check, and a banner that reads "SLAP".

Photo credit: Jobs with Justice.

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor unions, community groups, and religious and student labor solidarity organizations building a movement for workers’ rights and economic justice. They are pressuring the University of Pennsylvania to pay $6 million dollars toward local schools and services. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign unites low-income people across color lines to eradicate poverty. They are currently working on a campaign to create a zero-tolerance-for-homelessness policy in Philadelphia. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild) is a cross-faith network of congregations that takes action on issues affecting low- and moderate-income Philadelphians. POWER is focusing on holding City Council and the mayor accountable for enforcing the 21st Century Minimum Wage policy. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Flickr | Youtube

Urban Creators empowers inner-city neighborhoods to transform neglected land into safe spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation. Their latest project was creating a mural and park in North Philadelphia. | Website | Facebook | Instagram


Future Fund

The Future Fund supports organizations that are working on emerging issues or developing new approaches to social justice activism. These groups may employ a variety of strategies, including cultural work, media advocacy, and political education.

Photo from EQAT protest with a banner that reads "EQUAT" and a large banner of painted sky and sun.

Photo credit: EQUAT.

Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) is a social action group that works to build a just and sustainable economy through nonviolent direct action. They are currently working on a new project called Power Local Green Jobs, which focuses on solar energy in North Philadelphia. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Photo of members of Girls Justice League.

Members of Girls Justice League make art at the Summer Justice Institute in July.
Photo credit: Adachi Pimentel.

Girls Justice League is a girls’ rights organization dedicated to taking action for social, educational, and economic justice for girls, young women, and those who identify as female in Philadelphia. They are conducting research on reproductive health and girls’ transitions from the juvenile to the adult justice system. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Photo from Coalition for REAL Justice protest with a banner that reads "Black Lives Matter".

Photo credit: Coalition for REAL Justice.

Philadelphia Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice was formed in 2014 in response to the national epidemic of police brutality. The coalition is fighting for the establishment of a community-controlled police review board and is planning a tribunal on police brutality. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Soil Generation is a coalition of Philadelphia organizations and individuals who support equity and social justice for community-managed green space, gardens, and farms through advocacy, grassroots organizing, and community education. | Website | Facebook

Sisterly L.O.V.E. was developed by trans women in order to increase their self-esteem and access to care. They are working to increase the organizing power of trans women in Philadelphia. | Facebook

Photo from Spiral Q's Peoplehood Parade with a banner that reads "Soar in Solidarity" on a colorful background and a large puppet of a bird.

Future Fund grantee Spiral Q held their 16th annual Peoplehood Parade in October in West Philadelphia to honor Fran Aulston’s life and memory, celebrate Paul Robeson’s legacy, and affirm that Black lives matter. Photo credit: Joe Piette.

Spiral Q builds strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, and the courage to act on their convictions. Each year, they host a Peoplehood Parade to challenge discrimination in all its harmful forms. | Website | Facebook | Twitter


Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative

A partnership with the Phoebus Fund family foundation, the Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative provides grants for criminal justice reform activism. Grantees target issues that include police accountability, racially biased sentencing, the growth of the for-profit prison industry, criminalization of youth, and the death penalty.

Books Through Bars distributes books and other publications to prisoners. Their Address This! correspondence courses provide an outlet for stimulating discussion among inmates in solitary confinement or maximum security prisons who are often left out of educational programming. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Human Rights Coalition documents and exposes cases of torture, abuse, and inhumane conditions in Pennsylvania prisons. HRC canvasses neighborhoods to talk directly with people in the community about prison abuse and reform. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Street banner by JUNTOS that reads "We are human beings, risking our lives for our families and our futures".

Photo credit: Steve Weinik.

JUNTOS is a Latino immigrant-led organization in Philadelphia fighting for human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants. JUNTOS is currently pushing for the closure of Berks Family Detention Center. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Lifers Incorporated is producing a DVD and education packet that will articulate the societal benefits associated with the conditional release of prisoners serving life sentences.

Pennsylvania Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Youth was formed by inmates and their families, attorneys, community groups, faith leaders, and academics in order to organize to end life without parole sentences for juvenile offenders, and to allow for the resentencing of those already serving such terms. | Facebook

Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) uses individual representation, strategic litigation, community education, research, and legislative advocacy to allow people with criminal records to better access employment and social services. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prison Radio gives a voice to those who are incarcerated, allowing them to expose prison conditions firsthand. Each year, they record and distribute more than 200 essays and interviews with over two dozen inmates. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Sisters Returning Home brings prisoners and their loved ones together and educates the community about the impact of the criminal justice system on families and communities. They also work to change unjust policies in the criminal legal system. | Website | Facebook

Veterans Legal Foundation is a coalition of diverse organizations advocating for the expansion of legal and social services for military veterans incarcerated in Pennsylvania. | Website

Why Not Prosper is a faith-based grassroots organization founded by a formerly incarcerated woman. Why Not Prosper’s services help formerly incarcerated women find employment and housing, reunite with their children, and not return to prison. | Website

X-Offenders for Community Empowerment organizes formerly convicted people to reduce recidivism, prevent violent crime, and access essential services. Their Pardon Me clinics teach people how to get convictions cleared from their permanent records. | Facebook | Twitter

Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP) holds art and poetry workshops for youth incarcerated in adult jails. YASP is also working to repeal Pennsylvania Act 33, which allows youth to be charged as adults. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP) works to transform the experiences of kids prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the practice of sentencing children as adults. | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Photo from Youth United for Change protest with a banner that reads "Youth United for Change".

Photo credit: Youth United for Change.

Youth United for Change (YUC) organizes Philadelphia students to end the school-to-prison pipeline. They train active, committed YUC members on community organizing and anti-oppression skills. | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


Opportunity Fund

Offered monthly, Opportunity Fund grants are intended for unforeseen projects that are not part of an organization’s ongoing work, such as demonstrations and rallies, coalition activities, conferences/forums, and outreach materials. To see the list of 2015 Opportunity Fund grantees, visit https://breadrosesfund.org/grants-scholarships/opportunity-fund/.