Grants in Action

Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee DreamActivist PA changed its name to Migrant Power Movement to reflect their vision as a grassroots group led by all undocumented people, not just those affected by the DREAM Act. The new name aims to communicate inclusion of migrants regardless of criminal record or socioeconomic status.

On December 7, Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee POWER organized a die-in demonstration after an Eagles game, capturing media attention for the issue of police brutality against people of color.

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee New Sanctuary Movement succeeded in sheltering an undocumented mother, Angela Navarro, in sanctuary for 58 days until she won her deportation case on January 16. Three others remain in sanctuary in protest of their deportation orders.

The crowd watches Philadelphia Student Union member Rodney Burney’s speech at the Reclaim MLK March on January 19. Photo credit: Philadelphia Student Union.

On January 19, several thousand protesters gathered in Philadelphia for the Reclaim MLK March. Many Bread & Roses grantees, including POWER, Parents United for Public Education, Youth United for Change, Philadelphia Student Union, and Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity, planned and participated in the march. Philadelphia Student Union member Rodney Burney, 15, addressed the crowd on issues including police violence and the denial of resources to poor black communities and immigrant communities.

After ongoing activist efforts from Future Fund grantee Parents United for Public Education, the Commonwealth Court ruled on January 22 that the School Reform Commission’s October 20 cancellation of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ contract was invalid.