Grants in Action

Philadelphia Student Union protest.

Philadelphia Student Union

After the School Reform Commission’s decision to cancel the teachers’ union contract, Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee Philadelphia Student Union successfully shut down the SRC screening of an anti-union film through peaceful protest. Following many similar protests, the SRC’s decision was temporarily overturned with a court order.

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee Youth United for Change engaged in numerous protests for education at this time of crisis for Philadelphia public schools. After members of the group were physically removed from an SRC meeting at the Philadelphia School District Building on October 16, Youth United for Change sent an open letter to the Philadelphia School District Police to expose these violations of the respect and safety of young people.

Parents United for Public Education, a Future Fund grantee, filed a lawsuit in September against the Pennsylvania Department of Education for failing to investigate more than 800 formal complaints over the past year involving dire school conditions.

In October, New Sanctuary Movement, a Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative grantee, moved immigrant families with final deportation orders into three of their member congregations to provide physical sanctuary.

Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee POWER led a pray-in with over 100 leaders for public schools on October 1 outside of Governor Corbett and candidate Tom Wolf’s gubernatorial debate. The group held get-out-the-vote phone banks and visited Harrisburg on October 6 to launch a campaign for fair education funding.