Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends,

You might have noticed the theme in this issue of our newsletter: youth organizing. There’s a growing movement of youth organizers in the Philadelphia area, and I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about them.

The cover story highlights campaigns that young people developed and implemented at organizations funded by Bread & Roses. These young leaders are mobilizing their peers and their communities to deliver better education, immigration reform, and safer neighborhoods. Their commitment is inspiring, and their methods are their own — just look at the amazing “Free2Dream” social media campaign that was created by members of Fuerza, the youth organizing group at Juntos.

Young people are taking responsibility to address the injustices around them. The grantee spotlight below is on Student Labor Action Project, a group of University of Pennsylvania students who are leveraging their position within the university to win better working conditions for university food service workers. I hope you are as proud as I am to witness Bread & Roses grantees training the next generation of organizers.

On page 3, we’ve reprinted a brave letter written by members of Resource Generation Philadelphia. These young people with wealth are asking to be taxed more in order to build a just, equitable public school system that doesn’t depend on philanthropy. Their analysis is spot on, and their sense of responsibility is inspiring.

As the year ends, I hope you’ll join us in supporting the amazing work of all our grantees — including the young people featured in this issue — by making a generous donation to Bread & Roses.

In solidarity,

Casey Cook
executive director