Racial & Economic Justice Fund Grantees

Racial and Economic Justice Fund

This fund supports groups that are engaged in direct-action community organizing in the Delaware Valley to promote racial and economic justice at the local, state, national, or international policy levels. You can learn about eligibility criteria here.

2014 Grantees

DreamActivist PA

DreamActivist PA

1 Love Movement unites immigrants to fight the discrimination and deportation practices that separate their families and damage their neighborhoods. They are addressing the intersection of the criminal justice and deportation systems and plan to take collective action.

ACT UP Philadelphia uses direct action to work toward an end to the AIDS crisis. They are mobilizing to ensure that Pennsylvania’s next governor makes AIDS treatments affordable and accessible for everyone in the state.

The Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land is a coalition of faith, labor, and community organizations that gives residents a voice in the redevelopment of abandoned properties. They are monitoring the creation of Philadelphia’s land bank to ensure that its implementation is fair.

DreamActivist PA is a group of undocumented youth who disrupt deportation proceedings through civil disobedience. They also connect with community allies and other immigrant advocacy groups to expose illegal detention procedures and fight for fair immigration reform.

Heeding God’s Call is a multi-faith coalition addressing the epidemic of gun violence in Philadelphia. They confront both politicians and individual gun shop owners to pressure them to better regulate gun sales in the city.

The Philadelphia Student Union organizes high school students to fight budget and staff cuts, lack of services, and unfair policies in the School District of Philadelphia. They are currently establishing new high school chapters and pressuring gubernatorial candidates to support more education funding.

POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild) is a cross-faith network of congregations that take action on issues affecting low- and moderate-income Philadelphians. POWER is focused on holding city council and the mayor accountable for enforcing the new living-wage standards for subcontracted workers that POWER helped win earlier this year.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of Philadelphia helps restaurant employees take collective action against unfair employers. They are escalating their “Dignity at Darden” campaign to force the Darden Restaurant Group to improve working conditions in popular restaurant chains.

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