Future Fund Grantees

Future Fund

This fund supports organizations that are working on emerging issues or developing new approaches to social justice activism. These groups may employ one or more effective strategies, including cultural work, media advocacy, and political education. You can learn more about eligibility criteria here.

2014 Grantees

Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition

Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition

The Girls’ Justice League convenes girls and young women to identify issues and advocate for their interests. In July, they held an “activist summer camp” in which girls developed direct action campaigns.

Parents United for Public Education fights for full and equitable funding for Philadelphia’s public schools. Their new school-based training programs will help parents to push for fair education reform.

The Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition (PSEC) is developing queer youth activists to pressure school districts to implement trans-friendly anti-discrimination policies in the Philadelphia suburbs. PSEC hopes these policies will provide a model for schools across the state.

The Philadelphia Workers’ Association organizes day laborers in Northeast Philadelphia to negotiate with police and representatives from Home Depot. They hope to create a safe space to look for work and assemble to address common grievances.