A road map to change

The goal of the founders of the People’s Fund (which became Bread & Roses Community Fund) was to raise money to support organizing that would bring about huge change in Philadelphia. “We believed we could fund a grassroots people’s movement that would redirect government to serve human needs and address oppression in all of its forms,” says Bread & Roses’ co-founder Molly Frantz.

There have been amazing victories over the years—from raising the minimum wage to reducing pollution from oil refineries—all funded by a vast network of local donors committed to social change. But Bread & Roses—and its supporters like you—are still trying to figure out how big picture change can really happen.

Last year, a committee was formed to examine Bread & Roses’ mission and programs. With input from hundreds of stakeholders, they drafted recommendations to strengthen Bread & Roses’ role in supporting community organizing for social change, like: providing more and larger grants, offering strategic training to make grassroots organizations sustainable, and helping to convene coalitions.

Now the board is drawing a “road map to change” to set goals to help Bread & Roses implement these changes over the next several years.

Visit www.breadrosesfund.org to learn more about the road map for change and find out how you can get involved