2022 Grantees

Each grant is made possible by a community of thousands of donors giving what they can to support movements for justice.

Racial & Economic Justice Fund

The Racial & Economic Justice Fund is a core fund at Bread & Roses that moved $200,000 to groups engaged in direct-action community organizing in the Philadelphia region to promote racial and economic justice.

Abolitionist Law Center is a law firm dedicated to ending race and class-based discrimination in the criminal justice system. 

Amistad Law Project is a West Philadelphia-based public interest law center that organizes and litigates for the human rights of incarcerated people and their families. 

Asian Americans United empowers Asian Americans in Philadelphia to exercise leadership in their communities and come together to challenge oppression..  Website 

Arab American Development Corporation have been building a coalition of groups in Philadelphia who have been working on different aspects of organizing about the Palestinian struggle. Website

Camden for Clean Air aims to close the largest air polluter in all of Camden County, the Covanta Camden trash incinerator, one of two trash incinerators just across the river from South Philadelphia.  Facebook

El Comité de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agrícolas is a migrant farmworker and low-wage immigrant worker organization building power to win better working and living conditions.  Website 

Driving PA Forward is an immigrant-led coalition of organizations and community leaders working together to achieve systemic and transformative change in PA law by legislating access to driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status, while ensuring strong privacy and data protections for all licensed drivers in PA. Website

Energy Justice Network is working to eliminate environmental racism that drives up unnecessary death and disease in the Cities of Chester, Camden, and Philadelphia. Website 

Free Migration Project fights at the intersection of law and community organizing for freedom of movement for all people. They center impacted people in campaign work, and work toward productive collaboration with grassroots organizations through partnering with in their campaign work. Website 

Girls Justice League grounds their work in intersectional feminism to advance social, educational, and economic justice for all who identify as women in Philadelphia. 

Healing Communities PA is led by formerly incarcerated people organizing faith communities to engage in campaigns working to change the criminal legal system using a restorative justice approach.

Juntos combines leadership development, community organizing, and collaboration with other community-based advocacy organizations to build power in Latinx immigrant communities. 

Native American House Alliance (NAHA) is fostering racial, economic, and political justice by and for Native American people and promoting an accurate understanding of the Native American experience. Website

PA Youth Vote is creating a nonpartisan collaboration of students, educators, and organizations working to elevate student voices and empower PA youth as civic actors. Website 

Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities Land Justice Campaign aims to pass legislation so that communities have priority in determining and controlling the development of publicly-held land to address their needs.

Philadelphia Teamsters for a Democratic Union is a worker-led, grassroots movement that organizes economic justice campaigns, develops grassroots leaders, and promotes community-labor alliances to improve workers’ rights. . Website 

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign unites the poor across color lines as the leadership base for a broad movement to abolish poverty. The organization is led by people most affected– homeless or formerly homeless, low income, poor people, and people of color. Website

The Restaurant Opportunities Centers of Pennsylvania is the only Philadelphia organization that combines worker advocacy, workplace justice campaigns, job training, and participatory research together to build power for low-wage restaurant workers. Website

We Are the Seeds prioritizes the following: celebrating and educating about contemporary Indigenous arts and cultures, creating opportunities for Indigenous artists, and providing positive and accurate representation for Indigenous peoples. Website

Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project empowers young people who are or have been incarcerated in adult jails and prisons through artistic expression, political education, and leadership development. Website 

Gender Justice Organizing Fund

The Gender Justice Organizing Fund is special fund at Bread & Roses that moved $120,000 to grassroots groups organizing to mobilize women, girls, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people to make change.

ACT UP Philadelphia is a diverse, nonpartisan group of individuals united in anger to end the AIDS crisis using direct action.  

Ardella’s House provides transitional housing for women who are released from prison and advocates for the needs and rights of formerly and currently incarcerated and women. Website

Coalition for Restaurant Safety & Health is a group of hospitality & food service workers, survivors, and allies who organize to achieve safer, harassment-free work cultures within their communities. Website

Disability Pride PA works to make housing, safe transit options, and marriage federal benefits accessible to disabled people, especially disproportionately affected disabled people who are trans or non-binary. Website

PHL Pride Collective looks to create inclusive spaces for all LGBTQ+ people to fully celebrate the community while advocating for greater societal change. Website

Project SAFE is a mutual aid harm reduction organization for women, queer, and trans people involved in the street economies of Philadelphia. Their long-term vision focuses on preventing violence in multiple forms. Website

Sappho and LaRoyce Foundation is a Black-led organization that educates, elevates, and empowers LGBTQ+ communities of color to sustain healing and promote access to healthy food and safe housing. Website

Single Mothers Are Really Trying (SMART) works with women and families whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse, incarceration, homelessness, and domestic violence. Facebook

The Womanist Working Collective is a radical grassroots social action and support collective for Black folx of marginalized gender experience, specifically women (trans* and cis), femmes, and other gender expansive folx. Website

The Young Artist Program is a youth program that amplifies the voices of Black and Brown LGBTQ+ youth in Philadelphia by using art as a tool for social change. Website 

Trans Up helps promote gender justice by making sure that those who are trans or gender non-conforming receive safe support inside prison and when coming home.

we REIGN imagines and strives for a world where people who identify as Black and girl can identify and express their gender and sexual orientation without fear, discrimination, or harm. Website

Future Fund

The Future Fund is a core fund at Bread & Roses that moved $60,000 to organizations working on emerging issues or developing new approaches to social justice activism.

The Agape African Senior Center helps elderly African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees and their families combat unjust laws, policies, and systems.  Website 

Beyond the Bars is a student-driven music and career skills program that is dedicated to interrupting cycles of violence and incarceration.  Website

CAIR-Philadelphia’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.  Website 

Coalition of African Communities (AFRICOM) advocates and organizes to promote immigrant and refugee empowerment.  Website 

Empowerment Center USA organizes citizens to work within institutions and government to ensure that their voices are heard by accessing resources difficult to obtain by the community.  Website

Germantown Residents for Economic Alternatives Together (GREAT) uses their collective resources to grow food, share tools, organize around issues of housing justice and strengthen their community’s health and well-being.  Website 

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Philly cultivates an active Indigenous presence in Philadelphia through cultural, educational, and community-building initiatives that uplift Indigenous traditions, creative economies, and histories.  Website 

Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania (MILPA) is a network of families across Pennsylvania working to build power among immigrant communities to disrupt the current criminal legal system and challenge its treatment of undocumented immigrants.  Website 

Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists is a volunteer, member-driven organization that provides holistic artist care for over 100+ Asian and Asian American artists in the Philly area.  Website

Philly Children’s Movement is a collective of families and educators talking, playing, learning, and rising up for racial justice. Website 

Sisters Returning Home helps women returning from prison to re-establish connections to family and community and build and develop self-esteem, self-respect, confidence, and self-sufficiency.  Website 

Urban Tree Connection is building a neighborhood-rooted food and land system through community leadership development and land-based strategies in West Philadelphia.  Website

The Young Artist Program is a youth program that amplifies the voices of Black and Brown LGBTQ+ youth in Philadelphia by using art as a tool for social change. Website 

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative

The Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative is a core fund at Bread & Roses that moved $72,000 to groups organizing to address the root causes of the crises within the criminal legal system. The money for these grants comes from a partnership with the Phoebus Fund family foundation.

215 People’s Alliance explores how everyday people can work toward ending mass incarceration by reimagining new systems of public safety. Website

Amistad Law Project is a public interest law center provides legal services for people incarcerated in Pennsylvania’s prisons and organizes to fight mass incarceration. Website 

Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration (CADBI) seeks to end life without parole sentences in Pennsylvania by centering people who have been directly impacted by crime and long-term incarceration. Website

Collective Climb is a Black feminist organization empowering BIPOC teenagers in West Philadelphia through campaigns that address the massive uptick in gun violence affecting poor young black and brown bodies. Website

Healing Communities PA trains faith community members to build community organizing skills while acting as a bridge between the faith community, the criminal justice community, and directly impacted people. Website 

Human Rights Coalition (HRC) is working to dismantle the prison system by abolishing solitary confinement, shutting down toxic prisons, and fighting for the freedom of their loved ones. Website 

Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) supports people with criminal records through free legal representation, strategic litigation, community education, research, and legislative advocacy. Website

POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild) is a cross-faith network of congregations that takes action on issues affecting low- and moderate-income Philadelphians.  Website 

Prison Health News works to abolish prisons; end HIV, hepatitis C, COVID-19, and other diseases fueled by systemic injustice while building a base of healthcare organizers among people in prison. Website

Reality Speaking provides information on the rulings, bail assignments, and the general activities of Magisterial District Judges. This will allow the public to determine if a judge is performing in a manner that is in alignment with their values.

Why Not Prosper responds to the needs of women in the correctional system and supports women’s re-entry journey from prison to their community. Website

Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP) empowers young people who are or have been incarcerated in adult jails and prisons through artistic expression, political education, and leadership development. Website

Neighborhood Equitable Recovery Fund

The Neighborhood Equitable Recovery Fund is a partnership between the City of Philadelphia Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity (CEO) and Bread & Roses Community Fund to support community-based nonprofit organizations that moved $375,000 to communities of color and those with low incomes, which have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture is an Arab arts organization that uses the arts to empower and enrich youth and families in their community, including refugees and immigrants. This grant will support a 45-week program that offers weekly art therapy and counseling.  Website

Ardella’s House provides transitional housing for women who are released from prison and advocates for the needs and rights of formerly and currently incarcerated and women. Website

The Brothers of Strawberry Mansion collaborates with community organizations to provide parenting and leadership programs, youth workshops, educational trips, and community service opportunities. Facebook

Coalition of African Communities’ mission is to advocate and organize for immigrant and refugee empowerment. Africom serves families and individuals who are low-income, moderate-income, or who have limited-English proficiency. Website 

Endeavor provides low-cost after school and summer programs that serve North Philadelphia children and families. Programs focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills building. Website

Food Not Bombs serves marginalized people of West Philly at the 46th Street El stop.. They spread love, respect, free food, and personal items to marginalized communities, regardless of race, gender, or other status.

Frontline Dads works to empower marginalized communities address social justice issues, achieve criminal justice reform, and enable community members to become transformative leaders. Website

The Hope Empowerment Education and Train (HEET) works to revitalize the Tioga-Nicetown community by renovating its deteriorating housing stock and creating employment and training opportunities for disenfranchised adults and at-risk youth. Website

The Iglesias Gardens is a community garden and offers education about gardening and vegetables and tending the land. Website

The Mantua Civic Association (MCA) works to keep the residents of the Mantua community informed and engaged in decision-making regarding development projects in the community. Website

Men Who Care of Germantown takes a tripartite approach to reduce gun violence in Philadelphia: prevention, intervention, and outreach. Website

Mill Creek Urban Farm runs an educational urban farm located in West Philadelphia dedicated to improving local access to fresh produce, building a healthy community, and promoting a just and sustainable food system. Website

Neighborhood Bike Works uses bikes to deliver various education lessons while providing outlets for improving physical and mental health. Website

ParaPower is a BIPOC-led organization fighting for School District of Philadelphia paraprofessionals to receive a living wage, real professional development, and pathways to certification. Website

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) unites poor people across color lines in building a movement to abolish poverty. Website

Power of Paint Art Academy & Management uses art and therapeutic approaches to improve the quality of life for LGBTQI+ and Black and Brown communities who have experienced trauma as a result of violence, discrimination, and limited access to resources. Website

Senior to Senior Community Outreach‘s mission is to improve the quality of life for elderly people throughout Philadelphia communities by providing supportive and preventive services to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Sisters Returning Home provides services to the growing population of women who have recently been released from Philadelphia County Jails or Pennsylvania State Correctional Facilities. Website

The Equity Project offers holistic support for young people that addresses the personal, financial, legal, familial, and behavioral health consequences that flow from trauma to promote social justice, equity, and healing. Website

Urban Tree Connection’s purpose is to cultivate and uplift Black working-class leadership by fostering land stewardship and equitable food practices.  Website 

We Care Learning and Development Center provides individualized education to address the unique learning styles of children while promoting character, supporting independence, and enabling them to contribute to their peer community in a meaningful and positive manner. Website

We Love Philly provides students with positive community experiences and essential professional skills through mindfulness, volunteerism, entrepreneurship, and storytelling. Website

weREIGN‘s (Rooting, Empowering, Inspiring a Girls’ Nation) long-term goal of is to advance issues of gender justice, specifically those issues that disproportionately negatively impact the lives of Black girls. Website

Women’s Institute for Family Health (WIFH) strives to increase awareness of racial and ethnic health disparities while developing strategies and services to reduce the rates of chronic and life-threatening illness among the most vulnerable populations of women. Website

Yoga 4 Philly exists to make peace, love, and healing accessible to everyone through yoga and meditation. Website

Kensington Community Resilience Fund

The Kensington Community Resilience Fund is a public-private-community partnership between the Kensington community, regional funders, Bread & Roses Community Fund, and the city of Philadelphia. The fund moved $200,000 to organizations in the Kensington, Harrowgate, and Fairhill neighborhoods that are working to build a community in which all residents can thrive.

Beyond The Bars is a student-driven music and career skills program dedicated to interrupting cycles of violence and incarceration while helping students recognize their immense potential. Website

By Faith, Health and Healing focuses on rebuilding community and establishing a foundation for trauma informed care in Kensington. Participants take part in facilitated peer support groups, arts-based healing workshops, and specialized trainings and field trips.

Centro Nueva Creación has served the community of Fairhill since 1993. Initially their programming focused on providing a safe space for neighborhood youth after school, but has expanded to include arts and culture, homework help, literacy, natural sciences, sports, and more. Website

Ed Snider Hockey Foundation utilizes ice hockey to help students succeed in the game of life. Snider Hockey programs support the overall development of students from crayons to college, and onto their careers. Website

Fab Youth Philly supports organizations and individuals that work with children and youth, focusing on improving program quality, connecting youth workers to quality professional development opportunities. Website

Firm Hope Baptist Church’s vision is to meet the spiritual and social needs of their community. They have a community meal service as well as outdoor and indoor space for various neighborhood meetings. Website

The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank provides over two million diapers, including adult diapers, and period products to partner agencies. Website

Historic Fair Hill’s goals are to serve as a responsive partner in the revitalization of Fairhill through youth development and education programs, urban farming and fresh food initiatives, and community-building and wellness projects. Website

The Kensington Community Meals group is an anti-hunger collaborative project to organize meal providers. Their activities focus on empowerment, education, training, resource mobilization, and relationship building.

Kensington Voice publishes news stories, resource guides, and personal essays for and by Kensington, Harrowgate, and Fairhill residents in English and Spanish. Website

Klean Kensington’s mission is to connect neighbors, young and old, in renewing their community. They do this through trash cleanup, beautification efforts, block events, kids programming, and by hiring youth/young adults.

Mad Beatz Philly trains new drummers, ages 13 and older, to perform in the Mad Beatz Philly drumline. The program creates a bridge between the social, emotional, and rhythmic intelligence of Black and Latinx learners within a college preparation framework. Website

Mother of Mercy House’s  mission is to help everyone experience unconditional, empowering love wherever they are on their life. They do this by creating a welcoming, all-inclusive environment for the material and spiritual needs. Website

Rebel Arts Movement Center empowers youth & adults through instruction in acrobatics, tumbling, and aerial arts. Website

Somerset Neighbors for Better Living is a registered community organization that works as part of the neighborhood to make Somerset a better place to live, work, and play. Website

Stay True is a youth-centered, community building nonprofit, dedicated to fostering brave and safe spaces to unapologetically demand equity in Philadelphia. Website

Visitation School has long prided itself on providing for Kensington families both in and outside of the classroom.

We Love Philly’s  mission is to empower students with positive community experiences and essential professional skills through mindfulness, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship. Website

Yoga 4 Philly believes that yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness tools should be accessible to everyone. Website

Zerbe Artz provides a space for the community to engage in conversations about social issues through art.

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