Welcoming Patrice Green, Andrea Pien, and Sarah McKinstry-Wu

New Board Members: Patrice Green and Andrea Pien

A headshot of Patrice Green.

Patrice Green is a dedicated advocate, public servant, grantmaker, and philanthropist for change. For 15 years, in both the nonprofit and government sectors, she has worked passionately to transform economically distressed but culturally rich communities by building innovative cross-sector partnerships. As Program Officer for Inclusive Economies at the Surdna Foundation, she seeks to actualize racial equity through wealth creation, systems accountability, and democratic participation for communities of color across the nation. Patrice knows first-hand that we rebuild neighborhoods with neighbors, hand in hand with the people who know these places best and call them home. In her free time, she can be found carrying out her passion for people, dance, and food.  

A headshot of Andrea Pien.

Andrea Pien lives in (and loves) South Jersey and can’t go ten days without eating something with tomato sauce in it. She organizes young people with wealth and/or class privilege for the equitable distribution of land, wealth, and power with Resource Generation. As a college counselor at Friends’ Central School, she sees the ways that capitalism creates stress and anxiety in the U.S. college process. She feels seen by the term “Type B personality” and likes Euro-style board games, dumplings, and big dogs.

New Staff Member: Sarah McKinstry-Wu

A headshot of Sarah McKinstry-Wu.
Photo: Nigel Charles

Sarah McKinstry-Wu joins the staff as director of grantmaking. She first got involved at Bread & Roses by participating in the 2019 Racial & Economic Justice Giving Project. As director of grantmaking, Sarah will shift power and money to communities mobilizing for change by facilitating community-driven grantmaking processes, overseeing grants administration, and building relationships with and among local movement organizations. 

Sarah’s organizing experience in Philadelphia includes supporting the Working Family Party’s efforts to win city council seats in the November 2019 elections. She served for many years on the leadership team of the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council, which connects Philadelphians and their local government to create a more just food system. 

Prior to joining Bread & Roses, Sarah served as director of equity and climate planning programs at the Urban Sustainability Directors Network. From 2010 to 2018, she worked for the City of Philadelphia Office of Sustainability, where she managed the City’s inaugural climate adaptation planning process. She earned an undergraduate degree from Williams College and a Masters in Urban Planning from New York University. 

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