2021 Grantees

Each grant is made possible by a network of thousands of donors giving what they can to support movements for justice.

Environmental Justice Fund

The Environmental Justice Fund is a special fund at Bread & Roses that will award one-time grants to grassroots groups that use community organizing to promote equitable access to a clean and healthy environment for communities and neighborhoods most impacted by environmental racism, climate change, and environmental injustice. The money for this fund was raised by the 2020 Environmental Justice Giving Project.

Camden for Clean Air is organizing the Camden community to close the largest air polluter in Camden County, the Covanta Camden trash incinerator. Website | Facebook

Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living is mobilizing to close the Covanta Delaware Valley trash incinerator and push for a green economy with safe, living wage jobs in clean energy and zero waste. Website | Facebook

Eastwick United is establishing a community land trust to affirm the right to a clean, safe environment for Eastwick residents who have been impacted by catastrophic flooding as a result of the city’s failed Urban Renewal plan in the 1950s.

Energy Justice Network is a national network of community groups working for an equitable and community-owned transition to clean energy and zero waste. They have previously focused on shutting down trash incinerators in Delaware, Montgomery, and Camden Counties, and are now building their base of support in Philadelphia in coalition with environmental justice leaders in the city. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Human Rights Coalition is working to dismantle and abolish the prison system by expanding their #ShutDownFayette campaign to close SCI Fayette, a maximum security prison which houses over 2,000 people on a toxic dump site. Website | Facebook

Mill Creek Urban Farm grows and distributes fresh, chemical-free produce to nourish the community and create a world where Black and Indigenous communities have stewardship of the land. Website | Facebook | Twitter

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces is building a regional environmental justice coalition to improve the health of low-income communities and communities of color and to promote sustainability. Website

Neighbors Against the Gas Plants is using community organizing, direct action, and community meetings to fight the SEPTA power plant and initiate an air quality monitoring project in North Philly. Website | Facebook

North Philly Peace Park is fighting gentrification by building grassroots leadership, advancing food justice, and supporting resident land reclamation. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

One Art Community Center offers space, programming, and tools to community groups at its regenerative urban eco-arts village in order to promote environmental sustainability and community healing. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice is a coalition of unions, student, community, and faith groups organizing for educational equity. They are currently focusing on remediating environmental hazards such as led, asbestos, and mold in schools. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild (POWER) is an interfaith organization mobilizing religious, spiritual, and ethical communities to push for sustainable climate and energy policy in the Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania region. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Philly Thrive is a multi-racial, cross-class community organization coordinating a Right to Thrive campaign against systemic environmental racism by pushing for community-controlled development grounded in anti-racism, equity, and justice. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Sappho and LaRoyce Foundation is a Black-led organization that educates, elevates, and empowers LGBTQ+ communities of color to sustain healing and promote access to healthy food and safe housing. Website | Facebook | Twitter

UC Green is engaging volunteer environmental stewardship in West and Southwest Philadelphia through free street tree planting, accessible community gardens, and block clean ups. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Urban Creators is a grassroots organization using food, art and celebration, and political education to nurture food sovereignty, access to healthy food, opportunities for supporting local businesses, cooperative economics, and preserving sacred spaces throughout Philadelphia. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Urban Tree Connection is building equitable, sustainable, and neighborhood-rooted food and land systems in West Philadelphia through community leadership development and land-based strategies. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Workers Revolutionary Collective grew out of the 2020 housing protest on Benjamin Franklin Parkway and is supporting the collective liberation of 50 homes left blighted and vacant by Philadelphia’s gentrification crisis. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative

The Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative is a core fund at Bread & Roses that supports groups organizing to address the root causes of the crises within the criminal legal system. The money for these grants comes from a partnership with the Phoebus Fund family foundation.

Amistad Law Project is a public interest law center provides legal services for people incarcerated in Pennsylvania’s prisons and organizes to fight mass incarceration. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ardella’s House provides transitional housing for women who are released from prison and advocates for the needs and rights of formerly and currently incarcerated and women. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration (CADBI) seeks to end life without parole sentences in Pennsylvania by centering people who have been directly impacted by crime and long-term incarceration. Website | Facebook

The Empowerment Center USA is led by formerly incarcerated community members and their families. Their Prison Debt Solutions initiative is organizing for policy changes to relieve post-release debt. Website | Facebook

Hearts on a Wire is a collective of transgender and gender non-conforming people building a movement for gender, racial, and economic justice and an end to the policing and mass incarceration of their communities. Website | Facebook

Human Rights Coalition (HRC) is working to dismantle the prison system by abolishing solitary confinement, shutting down toxic prisons, and fighting for the freedom of their loved ones. Website | Facebook

Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia (MCCP) is a faith-based community organization that centers restorative and racial justice to resolve conflict, heal, and make decisions in community. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Outside the Bars supports children who have incarcerated parents through peer and academic support, mentorship, and policy advocacy. Website

Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) supports people with criminal records through free legal representation, strategic litigation, community education, research, and legislative advocacy. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Why Not Prosper, Inc. responds to the needs of women in the correctional system and supports women’s re-entry journey from prison to their community. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP) empowers young people who are or have been incarcerated in adult jails and prisons through artistic expression, political education, and leadership development. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Solidarity Fund for COVID-19 Organizing

The Solidarity Fund for COVID-19 Organizing is an emergency response fund created to meet the urgent needs of grassroots community organizing groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fund was open from April 2020 to March 2021. You can see all 83 grants on this page.

Equitable Public Space Fund

The Equitable Public Space Fund is a special fund at Bread & Roses that supports groups organizing to create equitable public spaces in parks, libraries, recreation centers, greenways, waterways, community gardens, community centers, plazas, and play areas in Philadelphia and Camden. The money for these 2-year grants was raised by the 2019-20 Equitable Public Space Giving Project. 2021 is the second year of this grant cycle.

Soil Generation — $50,000 

Soil Generation is expanding their Threatened Gardens Campaign to push forward equitable policies that reduce barriers for people of color and low-income communities to access land and grow food. 

Urban Tree Connection — $30,000 

Urban Tree Connection is repurposing vacant lots in West Philadelphia’s Haddington neighborhood for communal growing and gathering, sustainable food production and affordable food distribution, and intergenerational health, wellness, and political education.  

VietLead — $30,000 

Vietlead is growing their intergenerational Resilient Roots Community Farm in Camden by cultivating neighborhood ownership and co-creation, making the farm more publicly accessible, incorporating art and cultural knowledge, and launching a campaign against gentrification. 

Asian Americans United — $20,000 

Asian Americans United is organizing around Chinatown’s changing public spaces, including protection of the Inch by Inch Garden, educational programming around public space equity, and publishing recommendations for equity in Chinatown. 

Black and Brown Workers Cooperative — $20,000 

Black and Brown Workers Cooperative is organizing to reclaim land, conducting teach-ins about community land trusts, and bringing art and disruption actions to public spaces. 

Coalition of African Communities — $20,000 

Coalition of African Communities is expanding access to public parks and libraries for African and Caribbean immigrants by hosting events and trainings in public spaces as well as conducting legislative advocacy campaigns to build more soccer infrastructure. 

Cooper Grant Neighborhood Association and Concerned Citizens of North Camden — $20,000 

Cooper Grant Neighborhood Association and Concerned Citizens of NorthCamden are working in coalition to expand access to public spaces controlled by Rutgers University Camden by organizing residents, distributing multilingual information, and creating guerilla marketing campaigns. 

Healing Communities USA — $20,000 

Healing Communities USA is using a restorative justice approach to expand access to public spaces for communities impacted by the criminal legal system. 

Holly Street Neighbors Community Garden, an initiative of UC Green — $20,000 

Holly Street Neighbors Community Garden, an initiative of UC Green, is amplifying its role in West and Southwest Philadelphia by serving as an accessible and therapeutic community space for events, education and arts. 

MOVES — $20,000 

MOVES is working to create access to community-controlled spaces in which Black and Brown LGBTQ people can create, critique, explore, enjoy, and perform art.  

Mt. Vernon Manor CDC — $20,000 

Mt. Vernon Manor CDC is partnering with the Friends of the Mantua Greenway and the Mantua Urban Peace Garden to organize community members, create a succession plan for the older generation of leaders, and steward local green spaces. 

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces — $20,000 

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces is working with the Camden NAACP and Friends of Cooper River Open Space Equity Group to push officials to remediate and open up public spaces that have remained polluted for over 20 years. In Philadelphia, they are working with Native American House Alliance to build awareness of local historic sites and promote open space and land justice.  

Norris Square Community Alliance — $20,000 

Norris Square Community Alliance is promoting equitable development through their Nuestro Barrio Project, which organizes to secure public ownership of vacant lots that have been used as public spaces for years and to steward these spaces to meet the needs and wants of their community.  

One Art Community Center — $20,000 

One Art Community Center is increasing community land ownership, expanding accessibility, cultivating educational programming, creating coworking spaces, and building a community kitchen and a library.  

Philadelphia Black Pride — $20,000 

Philadelphia Black Pride is organizing to make William Way LGBT Community Center more equitable and welcoming to Black LGBTQIA people by hosting events, developing leaders from the Black LGBTQIA community, and increasing the number of Black LGBTQIA people accessing resources and services at William Way. 

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign — $20,000 

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is partnering with United Steelworkers (USW) Local 4889 to create a public “free store,” expand their community center hours, create a community farm, and build a labor history and activism library.  

Senior to Senior Community Outreach — $20,000 

Senior to Senior Community Outreach is expanding their campaign to address food insecurity in senior communities by developing a series of forums to discuss accessibility of public spaces such as community gardens and libraries for seniors. 

Spiral Q — $20,000 

Spiral Q is claiming public space using art activism in order to center and honor people working against oppression and discrimination and to connect people and movements for change. 

Urban Creators — $20,000 

Urban Creators is investing in amenities that enable their neighbors to use their 2-acre farm on their own time and terms and establishing a neighborhood marketplace that offers local businesses and entrepreneurs opportunities to generate revenue and develop their businesses.  

William Way LGBT Community Center — $20,000 

William Way LGBT Community Center is expanding their free and low-cost space-sharing program to specifically meet the needs of people of color, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people.

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