2020 Gender Justice Giving Project

From May through August, the 2020 Gender Justice Giving Project raised money and made grants in the Gender Justice Fund. Moving to an online format, the members of the Giving Project granted $120,000 to 12 grassroots groups organizing for gender justice.

Like all Giving Projects at Bread & Roses, the 2020 Gender Justice Giving Project brings together a group of people from across race, class, age, and gender who share a vision for social justice and want to apply their time, talent, and resources to supporting movements for change.

Fundraising for the 2020 Gender Justice Giving Project is now closed, but you can still make a donation to support future Giving Projects here.

Gender Justice Fund Grantees

Black and Brown Workers Cooperative
Coalition for Restaurant Health and Safety
Educators for Consent Culture
Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance
Philly Thrive

Project SAFE
Sisterly Love
Womanist Working Collective
Women’s Community Revitalization Project

Members of the 2020 Gender Justice Giving Project

Stephen Bonett
Alexis De La Rosa
Kristina Dugan
Darrell Gane-McCalla
Neha Ghosh
Claire Griffin

Jordan Hanchulak
Garridon Hankins
Shira Hodges
Samantha Jeune
Azalea Korryn
Jenn Mirel

Mari Morales-Williams
Laura Morris
Rachel Reed
Suzanne Sim
Tara Taylor
Mikah Thomas

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