2020 Environmental Justice Giving Project

From September 2020 through March 2021, the 2020 Environmental Justice Giving Project raised money and made grants in the Environmental Justice Fund. Members of the Giving Project granted awards to 18 grassroots groups organizing for environmental justice.

Like all Giving Projects at Bread & Roses, the 2020 Environmental Justice Giving Project brings together a group of people from across race, class, age, and gender who share a vision for social justice and want to apply their time, talent, and resources to supporting movements for change. The 2020 Environmental Justice Giving Project is made possible by generous support from Merck Family Fund.

Fundraising for the 2020 Gender Justice Giving Project is now closed, but you can still make a donation to support future Giving Projects here.

Environmental Justice Grantees

Camden for Clean Air
Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living
Eastwick United
Energy Justice Network
Human Rights Coalition
Mill Creek Urban Farm

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces
Neighbors Against the Gas Plants
North Philly Peace Park
One Art Community Center
Philadelphia Jobs with Justice
Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild (POWER)

Philly Thrive
Sappho and LaRoyce Foundation
UC Green
Urban Creators
Urban Tree Connection
Workers Revolutionary Collective

Members of the 2020 Environmental Justice Giving Project

Sarah Anton
Rosie Aquila
Chinara Bilaal
Pauline Boyce
Hannah Dymowski
Tim Emmett-Rardin
Naomi Grossman Garber

Mauricio Gutierrez Salazar
Micky Huihu
Johanna James
Naima Merella
Sam Neubardt
Lala Nuss
Kim Paymaster

Samuel Reed
Michelle Reyes
Pamela Selle
Sandi Smith
Michaela Ward
Shuning Zhao