2010 Grantees

Racial and Economic Justice Fund 2010 Grantees

This fund supports groups that are engaged in direct-action community organizing in the Delaware Valley to promote racial and economic justice at the local, state, national, or international policy levels.

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) Philadelphia is an activist organization led by and for people living with HIV/AIDS. ACT UP is campaigning to force the City of Philadelphia to end the waiting list for housing for people living with AIDS.

Asian Americans United empowers Asian Americans in Philadelphia to exercise leadership in their communities and come together to challenge oppression. AAU is continuing an anti-violence campaign in city high schools that began following the harassment of Asian students in South Philadelphia High School in 2009.

Disabled in Action works to mobilize people with disabilities to end housing, transportation, and employment discrimination. They are working to get the state of Pennsylvania to offer more independent living options for people with disabilities. They are also working on a campaign to close the Philadelphia Nursing Home.

Eastern North Philadelphia Coalition organizes neighborhoods to combat gentrification. They are working on turning over public land to a community-based land trust, which will guarantee access to affordable homes, community gardens, and local farms for low- income residents.

Heeding God’s Call encourages faith communities to participate in campaigns to stem the flow of guns into communities across the state of Pennsylvania. Locally, they are helping communities to lead campaigns for gun violence prevention, including working with youth and lobbying to change state laws.

The Philadelphia Security Officers Union is dedicated to improving workplace conditions by educating security guards about their rights and enabling them to lead direct-action campaigns. They are working to get a raise for members who work at the Philadelphia Art Museum and expanding the union to include guards at the Philadelphia Housing Authority and the Delaware River Water front Corporation.

Taxi Workers Alliance of PA organizes Philadelphia’s taxi drivers to work collectively toward improving health, safety, and overall working conditions. Their focus this year is on changing the law to require that taxi workers in Philadelphia are offered worker’s compensation.

Youth United for Change (YUC) empowers young people to bring about institutional change within their high schools through chapters at five city high schools. This year, they will work on strengthening a sixth chapter made up of young people who have been pushed out of school, are out of school or who attend alternative schools.

Future Fund 2010 Grantees

This fund supports organizations that are working on emerging issues or developing new approaches to social justice activism. These groups may employ one or more effective strategies, including cultural work, media advocacy, and political education.

Campaign for Working Families (CWF) helps families in Philadelphia increase their income, wisely manage their finances, and build assets through no-cost tax preparation assistance. CWF is expanding its mission to offer trainings to its customers that provide tangible grassroots organizing skills and a framework for understanding economic justice.

Chester Upland Citizens for Educational Progress is an all-volunteer organization whose goal is the improvement of public education in Chester and the broader school district. They hope to call attention to the problems in the district and recruit more parents to get involved.

Food Organizing Collaborative seeks to organize food growers to build food sovereignty, ensuring that vulnerable communities have access to healthy food produce.

People Improving Communities (PICO)—Philadelphia Sponsoring Committee is a community organizing effort launched by faith leaders to amplify the voice of low-income and underrepresented people in the policymaking process. They are creating local organizing committees to tackle issues such as public education, violence, and poverty.

Southeastern Pennsylvania First Suburbs Project is a regional coalition of 21 municipal, faith, and community organizations and individuals focused on solving common challenges facing the older, developed suburbs of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. The group is organizing members of affected communities to lobby for a new federal and state regional  housing plan that combats poverty and racial segregation.

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative 2010 Grantees

This is a donor-advised fund that provides grants for criminal justice reform activism. Grantees target issues that include police accountability, racially biased sentencing policies, growth of the for-profit prison industry, criminalization of youth, and the death penalty.

Books through Bars sends quality reading material to prisoners and encourages creative dialogue on the criminal justice system. This year they will provide thousands of free books to incarcerated people in order to encourage a positive contribution to their communities upon return.

Hearts on a Wire organizes incarcerated transgender people to effect change and make the public aware of the discrimination they face in Pennsylvania prisons. They will release a report this year called “Glitter is not Allowed: Experiences of Trans and Gender Variant People in Pennsylvania’s Prison Systems.”

Human Rights Coalition is working to replace the prison system with a system of accountability in communities. They are focused this year on reporting human rights abuses in PA prisons, ending the use of solitary confinement and helping incarcerated people organize for change.

Inside Out Prison Exchange serves as an engine for social change by bringing college students together with incarcerated men and women to study as peers in a seminar behind prison walls. They will offer dozens of trainings this year.

Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation opposes the death penalty and empowers the families of murder victims to explain the negative impact capital punishment has on them and the executed.

National Lawyers Guild is a professional association for lawyers, law students, paralegals, and others. They will use their grant to train lawyers to use their pro bono hours to help expunge arrest records and secure pardons for formerly incarcerated people.

Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty mobilizes a powerful network of individuals and direct action groups to put a stop to executions in the state. They plan to lobby for a moratorium on the death penalty this year and provide community education opportunities throughout the state.

Pennsylvania Innocence Project works to secure exoneration and restoration to society for persons who have been wrongly convicted. They will use their grant to support trainings for pro bono lawyers and identify systemic causes of wrongful convictions.

Prison Health News is a newsletter designed by and for incarcerated people with HIV, hepatitis C, and other health issues in prisons and jails. They will distribute the newsletter throughout the state’s prisons.

Reunification Transportation Services brings families and their incarcerated loved ones together. RTS builds the capacity of its constituents to advocate in their communities on issues of social justice within the prison system.

Youth, Art & Self-empowerment Project is building a youth-led movement to end the practice of automatically trying and incarcerating young people as adults. Their focus in the coming year will be the repeal of Act 33, which allows youth to be tried as adults.

Witness to Innocence is the first national organization to highlight the issue of wrongful imprisonment and inequities in the justice system by elevating the stories of exonerated ex-death row prisoners and their family members.

One Percent Fund

This Fund was created in 2006 by a group of dedicated activists who recognized that they would have a greater impact on sustainable political change by pooling their contributions to make targeted grants. Members of the group have made the commitment to donate 1% of their income annually. This year, they selected:

JUNTOS organizes Mexican and other Latino immigrants around issues such as immigrant rights and status, language access, and public education. Their three-pronged strategy focuses on education organizing, immigration reform, and transnational development.

New Sanctuary Movement builds alliances across  faith, ethnicity, and class to combat the injustices faced by immigrant communities. They are working to end collaboration between the Philadelphia Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allows the federal government to deport immigrants without due process.

Black Liberation Community Development Conference is an annual conference for people of color involved in the reevaluation counseling movement. This grant was made for the scholarship fund.

Opportunity Fund

This fund provides grants on a monthly basis intended for special projects or emergencies that are not part of an organization’s ongoing work.

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, Inc. held a barbecue to bring together immigrant families from all around the world to exchange ideas and build a network to help change immigration laws.

Darfur Alert Coalition, a Philadelphia-area coalition of American and Sudanese-born activists, received a grant to host the first-ever Darfuri Leaders Network (DLN) conference in Philadelphia.

Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia received a grant to support its counter-recruitment efforts aimed at offering alternatives to young people considering joining the military.

Jobs with Justice produced and distributed a documentary about their campaign to organize security guards at the Art Museum to join a union.

National Alliance of Women Veterans received a grant to kick off a campaign to organize for better services for women veterans, especially those who were sexually assaulted while on active duty.

Philadelphia ACORN used their grant to respond to the negative attacks on its work led by the right wing and to support its organizing campaigns led by low-income people.

Philadelphia Coalition for Essential Services and Neighborhood Networks, along with many Bread & Roses grantees, used their grant to hold a gubernatorial debate in February of 2010 which addressed a wide variety of social justice issues.

Philadelphia Immigration Cultural Conference is an opportunity for high school students citywide to discuss and organize around immigration issues. The conference addressed issues including language barriers, segregation,education, legal status, negative impacts of unemployment, and the neglect of immigrant students in city schools.

Philly Road to Detroit used their grant to get 55 local activists to the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, a national gathering to build a broader social justice movement.

Media Mobilizing Project and Prometheus Radio Project each received grants to bring members to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference at the U.S. Social Forum. Reconstruction Inc. hosted a conference to address homelessness among formerly incarcerated individuals and to develop an action plan to prevent it.

Right to Know Committee (RTKC) emerged in 1997 as a response to the negative environmental impacts on the community surrounding the former Defense Supply Center. They used their grant to host an outreach workshop.

Southeastern PA First Suburbs received a grant to send 20 community leaders to a week- long community organizer training.

Taxi Worker’s Alliance of PA used their grant to distribute and promote a DVD highlighting taxi workers’ need for worker’s compensation benefits.

Trans Masculine Advocacy Network (TMAN) organized a Transgender Day of Remembrance to memorialize those who have been killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. Youth United for Change used their grant to host the Alliance for Educational Justice conference that helped develop a national agenda for community-based education reform.

Heeding God’s Call led a successful campaign to end the sale of illegal guns at a local shop.

Disabled in Action members at a rally in Harrisburg to prevent benefit cuts.Photo by: Harvey Finkle

Youth United for Change student leaders convinced the School District to replace aging high schools with newer and smaller buildings including the new Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School. Photo by: Tim Moyer

New Sanctuary Movement and JUNTOS held a public hearing to demand the Mayor and DA stop cooperating with police to deport
immigrants. Photo by: Tim Moyer