Donation Options

How do I give online?

Give online through our secure server. Donate now!

How do I give with cash, money order, or check?

You can donate to Bread & Roses by cash, money order, or check. Make the check out to Bread & Roses Community Fund. Please send your donation to: 1315 Walnut Street, The Philadelphia Building, Suite 1300, Philadelphia, PA 19107. We’re also able to process credit card donations via telephone at 215-731-1107.

How do I give through my workplace?

You can designate Bread & Roses as the recipient of payroll deductions at your workplace or through the following organizations:

  • United Way
  • Combined City Campaign
  • Penn’s Way
  • Drexel University Dragon Drive
  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • Bryn Mawr College Combined Giving Campaign

You can also help by volunteering to promote giving in your workplace. For more information on workplace donations please contact Maura Kelly at or call 215-731-1107 x204.

How do I give through the United Way?

If you would like to make a donation to Bread & Roses Community Fund through a United Way campaign at your workplace, our Donor Choice number is 289.

How do I make a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one?

Gifts in honor or in memory are a nice way to remember someone special. For more information on honorary gifts, please contact or call 215-731-1107 x204. You can also specify an honoree in our online donation form.

How do I transfer stock to Bread & Roses?

Gifts of appreciated securities benefit Bread & Roses while you realize substantial tax savings. For example, suppose the 100 shares of XYZ Co that you purchased in 1999 for $2000 are now worth $10,000. If you were to sell that stock you would pay tax (usually at 15%) on the $8000 gain. However, if you give the stock itself to Bread & Roses you pay no capital gains tax and you get a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the $10,000. For more information on transferring stock please contact or call 215-731-1107 x203.

How do I make a bequest to Bread & Roses?

Designate Bread & Roses as the recipient of a specific amount or percentage of your estate, or as the recipient of the remainder after you’ve provided for others. For more information on planned giving please contact or call 215-731-1107 x204.

How and why should I set up a donor-advised fund?

Motivation for setting up a donor-advised fund varies. For some, a donor-advised fund may reduce your taxes now or in the future, while benefitting Bread & Roses Community Fund and the grassroots groups we serve. Others may choose to create a donor advised fund, either as an individual or a small group, as a means to direct money to a particular area or issue. Read more about creative donor-advised fund models at Bread & Roses here.

For more information on setting up a donor-advised fund please contact or call 215-731-1107 x204.