40th Anniversary Tribute to Change planning committee

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Planning Committee Overview

The Tribute to Change Planning Committee provides leadership and guidance for Bread & Roses Community Fund’s fundraising and event planning efforts for the 40th anniversary Tribute to Change event.

Planning Committee Member Responsibilities

Each committee member is expected to:

  • Attend scheduled planning committee meetings. We’ll meet approximately once a month between now and November. At meetings, you will make decisions about who the honorees should be; what the program should look like, and who should be invited.
  • Identify individuals, companies, and organizations you know and ask them to be sponsors or purchase tickets to the Tribute.
  • Attend the Tribute to Change on November 14. Help welcome guests, especially those you invited.
  • Support the Tribute to Change with a financial contribution or purchase of sponsorship, program ad, and/or ticket(s)

Goals of the Tribute to Change:

  • To create a festive and memorable event experience for the whole Bread & Roses community.
  • To raise $125,000 for Bread & Roses through sponsorships, donations, and program book ad sales.

Timeline and Time Commitment:

  • Monthly committee meetings
  • Tribute to Change event, Tuesday, November 14. Plan to arrive by 5:00 pm to greet guests and honorees

Bread & Roses staff will fully support committee members’ fundraising and event planning efforts. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mailing save-the-dates and invitations to your contacts.
  • Drafting correspondence for you to send to your prospects.
  • Sending out solicitation letters and thank you notes on your behalf.
  • Following up with your prospects to finalize sponsorships or other donations.
  • Providing information about Bread & Roses and its programs and funds.

Contact: Amanda Morales Pratt, amanda@breadrosesfund.org 215.731.1107 x205