All Places in ‘Art & Community’

  • The Fire Works

    Hi! We’re a group of West Philadelphians who are flexible in where we work but want to work alongside other people. We believe that being in community with others is healthy, and also helps us be more productive, creative, and to have fun while getting work done. We are cartographers, Read more [...]

  • Philly Childcare Collective

    We provide childcare for groups in the Philly area who are lead by mothers and families who are of color and/or low income, organizing for economic and racial justice in their communities. Some groups we work with regularly, providing support at weekly or bi-weekly meetings. Other times, we may provide Read more [...]

  • A-Space Anarchist Community Center

    The A-Space anarchist social center is a store-front space that aims to facilitate anti-authoritarian social struggle as well as provide space for cultural events. We want to create a place for face-to-face interactions to take place beyond and against the systems that keeps us separated, whether through art, organizing, food, Read more [...]

  • LAVA Space

    LAVA, the Lancaster AVenue Autonomous space is a center for radical media and organizing located at 4134 Lancaster Avenue in the Belmont neighborhood of West Philadelphia. The LAVA collective’s mission is to create an empowering and welcoming physical space where diverse communities converge to build connections and break down barriers, Read more [...]

  • Illustrating Progress

    Illustrating Progress is an organizational development consulting practice specializing in the use of creative activities to advance planning and learning processes. Using graphic recording, we draw live conversations in order to capture the wisdom and ideas of a group. We also design and facilitate creative activities and develop presentations to illustrate complex ideas for business Read more [...]

  • Spiral Q

    Spiral Q uses art-making, organizing and our unique inquiry-based methodology to model and teach practical skills in collaboration, community organizing, advocacy and identifying and mobilizing shared resources. We see creative action as a catalyst. We can produce works for you, in collaboration with you, or consult with and train your Read more [...]

  • William Penn Foundation

    To enhance the vitality and vibrancy of the Greater Philadelphia region, we are committed to increasing high-quality, educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged students; supporting arts, culture and the development of accessible and vibrant public spaces; and protecting the Delaware River watershed.

  • Leeway Foundation

    The Leeway Foundation supports women and trans* artists and cultural producers working in communities at the intersection of art, culture, and social change. Through our grantmaking and other programs we promote artistic expression that amplifies the voices of those on the margins, promotes sustainable and healthy communities, and works in Read more [...]

  • Independence Foundation

    The Independence Foundation is a private, not-for-profit philanthropic organization serving Philadelphia and its surrounding Pennsylvania counties. The Foundation’s mission is to support organizations that provide services to people who do not ordinarily have access to them. With a strong focus on health, the Foundation invests in people and programs that Read more [...]

  • Greenfield Foundation

    The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation has a preference for supporting projects that address significant problems in new ways and that have the potential to be replicated by others, both locally and nationally. Organizations receiving funding typically have strong track records, a Board-approved strategic plan, and exceptional volunteer and staff leadership. Read more [...]