Newsletter 2017 Issue 2





Grassroots groups hold the line on hard-won victories

When the Obama administration announced in late 2015 that it would be targeting undocumented immigrants from Central America in a new wave of raids, Racial & Economic Justice Fund grantee New Sanctuary Movement (NSM) took action immediately to create a rapid response team.

Letter from the Executive Director

Donor Profile: LaTrista Webb

“I think Bread & Roses is unique because it has a real community feel. It’s very inclusive, very culturally aware,” says LaTrista Webb, a member of the spring 2017 Giving Project.

Grantee Profile: Juntos

“Historically, people have siloed immigrant rights as an issue of gaining citizenship,” says Erika Almiron, executive director of Juntos. “Our communities are fighting for something way bigger than that. Citizenship
has never guaranteed freedom.”

Fifth annual town hall elevates our collective history of community organizing

“We need more time to listen to each other,” according to the group of children who participated in Bread & Roses’ fifth annual town hall on March 28 to discuss ideas for how to build justice and equity in our region.

Grants in Action